Time tracking resources for your business

Help your employees increase productivity by tracking their time. Optimize your processes, streamline important tasks, and power through your to-do list. These guides about time tracking will help improve the performance of your workforce.

Free templates and calculators for time management

Time tracking calculators to save time and money, while increasing accuracy in your business.

  • Template
    To do list templates

    Download to do list templates for all types of activities in multiple formats.

  • Calculator
    Hourly rate calculator

    Free hourly rate calculator for employees.

  • Calculator
    Calculate payroll hours

    Calculate payroll hours based on timesheets and hours worked.

  • Calculator
    Free time card calculator

    Use our free time card calculator to calculate hours and minutes worked, and submit your timecard to management.

  • Template
    Free timesheet templates

    Free timesheet templates with weekly and monthly options. Download MS Excel, Google Sheets, Google Docs, PDF, and MS Word formats.

Time statistics and facts

  • Time Statistics
    Average working time

    Learn how working time has changed through history and across geographies.

  • Time statistics
    Time tracking statistics

    Research on companies and employees that have implemented time tracking, by reading about time tracking statistics.

  • Time statistics
    Average hourly rates

    Average hourly rates by consultants and freelancers in 2021. Time and rate data across geography, industry, and skill level.

Time tracking regulations

Understand the laws related to time tracking within your company.

  • Regulations
    Working off the clock

    Fair labor standards act, federal wage and hourly laws, and how to account for time billed by your workforce working off the clock.

  • Regulations
    Travel time pay

    Learn about the travel time pay laws for the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

  • Regulations
    Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

    Learn about the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), including the penalties for non-compliance and how it relates to usage of time tracking software.

  • Regulations
    EU directive on the organization of working time

    Understand what is the EU directive on the organization of working time, also known as the EU time tracking law, how to comply, and details on the laws for individual countries.

  • Guide
    Time clock rules for hourly employees

    Time clock issues at work including, buddy punching, time theft and associated labor laws.

  • Regulations
    California Overtime Law

    Find out how the California overtime law works and learn about the legal implications of overtime for both employers and employees.

Guides about time tracking

Learn about time tracking with these guides. Discover how you can encourage your employees to track time at regular intervals, prioritize correctly, and improve productivity.


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