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A thriving workforce is the driving force behind growing revenue, increasing profitability, and reducing churn and workforce costs. Here’s how Hubstaff makes workforce management effortless and more efficient.

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Why workforce management matters

A company can’t succeed without a thriving, engaged workforce. Even when the product is the best in the world, it’s not features, but your people that drive revenue, profit, and expansion. Keeping teams active and avoiding disengagement requires continually focusing on workforce management, collaboration, and the employee experience. Companies succeed when they work to unlock the full potential of their workforce.

Improve operations with Hubstaff’s workforce suite

Comprehensive features for every workforce

Hubstaff's workforce management tools make it easy to streamline operations and empower your team. We simplify administrative tasks like payroll and time tracking so you can focus on building trust and maximizing growth.

Available on all Hubstaff products

Time tracking

Accurately monitor time spent on tasks, projects, and client work. Hubstaff's time tracking features provide transparency, accountability, and ease-of-use.

Schedules and shifts

Schedule your frontline staff, customer support teams, or field service crews with Hubstaff’s intuitive employee scheduling features. Easily manage shifts, availability, and PTO requests while minimizing scheduling conflicts.

Breaks and PTO

Build in work breaks and automate time-off policies to make it easier for your team to take rest and relaxation.

Workload and hourly limits

Keep everyone on track without overloading them. Hubstaff lets you set daily and weekly work time limits for projects and teams.

Supporting every type of team

Our software supports remote, hybrid, and in-office staff. Whether you have full-time, part-time, or project-based workers, we’ll help you handle workforce management.

Expense tracking

Hubstaff helps team members and managers upload receipts, track time to projects, and categorize expenses to understand which projects create value for your organization.

Budgets and invoices

Hubstaff’s project cost management helps you understand past expenses and profitability to build accurate invoices.

Hubstaff Insights = workforce optimization

The Hubstaff Insights product helps optimize workforces based on utilization, proficiency, and productivity. Uncover data trends to make impactful decisions — and put your most profitable foot forward.

GPS and location tracking

Efficiently manage field employees with Hubstaff's GPS and location monitoring feature. Track employee locations, optimize routes, and gain real-time activity insights.

Step up your workforce analytics dashboards

Scale workforce management and analytics capabilities as you grow your team. Hubstaff Insights makes it easy for managers, HR, and the C-suite to understand global workload, improve staffing decisions, and get the highlights on workplace health.

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Improvements for your team and company


Optimize workflows and minimize distractions

Hubstaff provides data-driven workforce insights through easy-to-use dashboards. That means fewer disruptions and unnecessary meetings — all without losing project visibility.


Balance workload. Identify bottlenecks. Help your team.

Hubstaff’s time logging tools make it easy for managers to spot overworked employees, so you can redistribute work, prevent burnout, and improve employee experience.


Simply. Avoid busy work. Spend time on creativity.

Simplify administrative tasks and reduce manual errors by automating time tracking, payroll, and project data entry. Free your team from the mundane so they can excel.

Remember: happy employees create happy customers

Tailored workforce support for every scenario

Each organization’s workforce has unique needs. Hubstaff has you covered no matter your mix of remote, on-site, W2, or contract employees.

Explore Hubstaff’s feature list
Remote-friendly management

Efficiently manage remote teams across different cities, countries, and continents. Hubstaff enables you to monitor productivity, foster engagement, and streamline remote workforce needs like PTO and payroll.

Field employee support

Accurately track and manage field employees’ locations and work no matter where the next job takes them. Our Locations add-on helps you keep an eye on people and routes while making clocking in easy or even automatic with geofencing.

Project-based workforce management

Simplify project-based workforce management with Hubstaff. Our data and dashboards help you get your team what they need to complete projects. Get busywork out of the way while you focus on revenue and staying on budget.

Building a culture of trust and transparency


Create visibility and accountability

Get insight into your productivity, projects, and workload with accurate tracking. Demonstrate your value as a trusted member of the team and work to make your day even more productive.


Measure and report on successes

Managers need team and project metrics to make a case for their performance and celebrate staff successes. Our dashboards make it easy to see, understand, and share.


Support mission-critical decisions

Use historical data and industry benchmarks to create company baselines and identify top opportunities. Hubstaff’s workforce management suite collects key data so you can focus on coaching and development.

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