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From simple time tracking to enterprise-grade workforce analytics, learn more about the Hubstaff features that help teams have their most productive day at work.
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Time Tracking
Employee productivity
Workforce management
Hubstaff time tracking features

Time tracking

Smarter, streamlined time tracking for any type of business. Track work hours, set limits, and get detailed timesheets to review and approve with one simple tool.

Time tracking

Track the work time your workforce spends on every project and task.

Online timesheets

Record employees’ work time and view online timesheets to optimize your workforce’s performance.

Time reports

Dig into over 17 different time reports on your workforce’s work.


Track your workforce’s work time using a web browser or download the Hubstaff app for desktop, Android, or iOS.

Timesheet approvals

Review, approve, or reject timesheets generated using your workforce’s work time tracking data.

Hubstaff productivity software and apps


Automate the management of your workforce with software that boosts efficiency and builds trust. Read more about our commitment to transparency and access.

Customizable screenshots help you see work as it happens.

Employee monitoring

Use Hubstaff’s employee monitoring feature to see what apps and URLs your team visited while tracking time.

Employee productivity tracking

Hubstaff’s employee productivity tracker gives productivity rates based on mouse and keyboard usage.

Achievement badges

Reward workforce efficiency and boost morale with virtual achievement badges.

Discard idle time

Forgot to stop the time tracker? Delete idle time with one click.

anti keystroke logging

Boost productivity, safeguard employee privacy

We’re strictly interested in productivity — not personal data. Hubstaff offers the option to blur apps, URLs, screenshots, and more to help teams reach peak efficiency without compromising privacy. That also means:

  • No keystroke logging

  • No email monitoring

  • No access to cameras, webcams, video recording, etc.

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Over 30 integrations

Hubstaff syncs with the software you’re already using.

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workforce management tools in Hubstaff

Workforce management

Let Hubstaff software handle tedious administrative tasks, such as invoicing and payroll, so you can focus on growing your company.


Use Hubstaff’s automated payroll feature to send funds to local and international teams based on work time during each pay period.

Online Invoices

No more manual invoices. Track time, bill, and send online invoices with Hubstaff software.

Schedules and shifts

Create shift schedules for each employee. You'll be notified about late, missed, or abandoned shifts.

Daily and weekly limits

Set work time and budget limit alerts for projects and team members.


Use Hubstaff's project cost management feature for past projects. Then use the data to reduce project spend for future projects.


Add members and projects to teams and then assign team leads.

Time off and holidays

Track and manage your team’s holidays and time off requests.


Upload receipts and categorize expenses, then connect them to projects or client budgets.

Work breaks

Create work break policies for your team so that lunches and shifts are easier to track.

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