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Hubstaff's Powerful Features

Weekly Limits

Easily set time limits for each team member with Hubstaff's weekly limit feature. Set the maximum number of hours you want a member to be able to work in a week and the app will automatically prevent them from exceeding the limit. Change weekly limits at any time.

time tracking and weekly limits
time tracking project budgets

Project Budgets

Tired of projects running over budget? Hubstaff's project budgets allow you to set time or cost limits to projects. You can also set notifications at different thresholds to ensure you're always aware when budgets are nearing their limits.

Automatic Payroll

Save time by paying your team automatically. Set up your users and select a pay period (weekly, twice a month, bi-weekly, or monthly). Never worry about making manual payments again - your team will automatically be paid each period for time tracked with Hubstaff.

time tracking with automatic payroll
GPS time tracking and location monitoring

GPS and Location Monitoring

Hubstaff's GPS monitoring and time tracking apps for iOS and Android allow you to track time while on the go and reports on your location. The app's automatic time tracking will eliminate manual time sheets and make job costing easy. Learn more and sign up.

URL and Application Monitoring

Hubstaff gives you unparalleled insight into what your team is doing with screenshots and activity levels. Now you can also see which applications your team members are using and what URLs they are browsing to while tracking time.

time tracking with url tracking and application monitoring

Attendance Scheduling

Hubstaff makes shift management simple by giving you the ability to add your team's one-time or recurring shifts to the work calendar with ease.

With our email alerts, you can easily keep track of your team's schedule adherance and be informed of any changes to your own schedule.

attendance scheduling
invoicing software

Smart, Simple Invoicing

Manually keeping track of time worked is hard enough - you shouldn't have to manually invoice your clients too. By using Hubstaff for time tracking, you can automatically generate invoice line items and send them directly to your clients. You can also add arbitrary line items, taxes, and even discounts.

Hubstaff's invoicing also allows you to record payments so you won't need to worry about losing track of outstanding balances. When an invoice is fully paid it's automatically closed so you can focus on the ones that are still open.

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Activity Levels and Screenshots

remote employee software
Activity BarsColor coded green, orange and red so you can see how active people are at a glance
screenshot software for virtual team
Screenshot ThumbnailsSee worker activity and screenshots by the hour in a visual format.
full screen worker screencaptures
Full Screen ViewFull screen views of all screenshots for full detail
turn worker screenshots off
Disable Screenshot CaptureYou can turn off screenshots for specific users with admin settings

Your Team Dashboard

See a quick overview of your team's activity

The dashboard allows you to get an idea of your team's recent work and productivity for that week at a single glance.

You can even see when your users last worked, and who's online now.

your team dashboard

We Make Management Easy
Time Tracking, Payments, Settings and more.

Online Timesheets

Hubstaff automatically keeps track of your user's starting and stopping times so that they don't have to.

You can also add time for your users manually or allow them to do so themselves in the organization settings.

online timesheets
weekly online timesheets

Daily, Weekly, and Calendar Timesheet Views

Hubstaff's timesheets are flexible - you can view calendar, weekly, or daily breakdowns of the times your team members work. Use whichever view you prefer to manager time entries.

Switch to the daily view to see the exact times your team members start and stop working on a given day. Switch to the weekly view to see their totals for each day in a week. The calendar view gives you a combination of both.

advanced time reports

Advanced Reporting

With Hubstaff's reporting feature, you'll always know exactly how much time each user has spent on each project.

Each report provides a variety of different export options that make it possible for you to use your team's data outside of Hubstaff however you'd like.

referral system

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admin settings

Per-User Admin Settings

Screenshot frequency: Control how many screenshots will be taken for each user in a 10 minute period.

Modify time: Allow or disallow only select users to be able to add, edit, and delete time manually.

Screenshot blur: You can blur all screenshots captured for PCI/HIPPA compliance or privacy concerns.

Plus many more!

Unlimited Free Viewers

Have someone who needs to monitor activity but doesn't need to track time? No problem!

You can make them a viewer and they won't count towards your plan limit.

Invite your clients and allow them to view the progress on your project directly!

free viewers
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Native Desktop Applications

Lightweight and designed specifically for your operating system of choice.

mac time tracking

Compatible with 10.6 Snow Leopard or newer

time tracking for windows

Compatible with Windows 2000/XP or newer

time tracking for linux

Compatible with any 3 year old or newer Linux distribution

Advanced API

Hubstaff's powerful API allows you to retrieve your users' data from Hubstaff and import it into your own project. It allows you to build your own custom solutions for organizing and displaying your users' time tracking data and activity.

advanced time tracking api
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Hubstaff helps over 8,000 remote teams communicate more effectively. Understand what's happening in your organization without all the followup.

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