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Time tracking

Track time wherever and whenever your team works with lightweight Hubstaff desktop and mobile apps. Generate the most accurate timesheets to easily invoice clients and pay your team.

Online timesheets

Never set another timesheet reminder. Record employee hours and view online reports to optimize your company’s performance. So easy, your team will love using it.
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Productivity features

Keep teams moving forward without interruption. See optional screenshots along with apps and URLs visited while tracking time. These features can be turned off completely or customized for each person. They are designed to grant access to your own data, provide transparency, and to put the user in control.
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GPS tracking

Record time on the road and at work sites with mobile-based time tracking. Your team can clock in and out from anywhere, and you’ll get better job costing, scheduling, and payments.
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Automate time tracking with Geofencing

Create job sites where time tracking automatically starts and stops when your team arrives or leaves. Or, set reminders to start upon arrival.
Automate tracking

Headache-free payroll

Payday should be a good day for everyone, even business owners. With Hubstaff, you can set up pay rates once for each member of your team or project, so payments are automatically sent based on hours worked during that pay period.
Streamline payments

Team scheduling

Our online scheduling app provides you with a simple employee attendance tracker and staff scheduler. Now, you can easily see who’s working when at any time.
Simple scheduling
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Clock in from a single location with Hubstaff kiosk

Turn any device into a central time clock with the Hubstaff app. Get real-time data and attendance tracking from your dashboard.
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Better estimate, budget, track, and invoice projects.


No more manual invoices. Track time, bill, and manage payments.

Project budgeting

Set time and budget limits with alerts for projects and team members.

Task management

Drill down into projects by tracking time against specific tasks.

Offline time tracking

Track time anywhere. Hubstaff syncs once you’re back online.

Web time tracking

No need to download and install apps. Track right from your browser.

Timesheet approvals

Review, approve, or reject timesheets.

Time off

One app for tracking holidays and time off requests.


Over 30+ integrations with your favorite business apps.

24/7 support

Your time is valuable. Our team is here to provide answers and guidance in a timely fashion so you can get back to work sooner.
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