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Easy online time reporting

  • Build detailed and actionable time reports
  • Avoid errors with accurate timesheet reporting
  • Craft budgets and know a project’s true cost
  • Pay your team based on hours worked
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Hubstaff time reporting
detailed time report

Know more with detailed time reports in Hubstaff

Hubstaff makes it easy to view or send your business reports, all in just seconds. See exactly how much time your team has worked and how much money has been spent. Customize your reports however you need. You can view them by week, team member, project, or client.

Explore different time tracking reports

Timesheet report

At a glance, you can see time worked, activity levels, and amount earned per week for each individual on your team. Customize your reports by week, member, project, or client.
Hubstaff weekly timesheet reports
manual time edits report
Manual time edits
If your team members need to make any changes to their timesheet report — maybe they forgot to clock in or start their timer — they can edit their time worked, projects, or tasks worked on and explain the reason for the change.

Easily see all attendance, locations, and
time off in reports

See where your team is at all times

Know exactly what’s happening with your team. See your employees’ completed, late, abandoned, or missed shifts and know if you need to touch base with someone. You can even see who has entered or left a job site.
Hubstaff location activity report
Hubstaff attendance report
Track time off requests and balances
Stay on top of schedules with time off reports. Quickly know anyone’s time off balance and transactions based on your customized time-off policies.

Communication tools that get everyone
on the same page


Know your profitability and expenses

Easily see weekly limits for your team members and know how much of a project’s budget has been spent with your reports.
project cost report

Pay your team the right way

Know exactly how much to pay your employees. Track their time spent working and the amount you owe based on the pay rates that you set.
automatic payroll with Hubstaff
Custom reports

Reporting just the way you need it

View your time reports however you’d like. Download them directly from Hubstaff in whatever file format you need and quickly send any of your reports to anyone.
customizable work reports with Hubstaff
Scheduled reports
Plan your reporting
Make your admin work easier by scheduling your reports. Schedule any report to be sent to you, clients, stakeholders, or anyone else automatically so that they stay up-to-date.
time cards sent directly to your inbox

Simplify your reporting and admin work

Use Hubstaff to make running your business almost too easy.
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