Manage tasks better with our Asana time tracking integration

Never miss a second worked on Asana tasks with Hubstaff.

Hubstaff tracks time to Asana tasks

Track time directly to Asana tasks

Your Asana tasks will show up in Hubstaff’s mobile, desktop, and Chrome apps for immediate time tracking.

The date, times, and total work hours are recorded as comments in each Asana task. Keep track of who’s done what and how much time has been invested.

Stay ahead of project management with task updates and see when due dates are approaching.

Three easy steps to set up the integration

Asana integration setup
  1. Connect your Hubstaff and Asana accounts

    Log in to Hubstaff and select Asana in the Integrations page. Allow Hubstaff to connect when prompted.

  2. Import your Asana projects and team members

    Choose the Asana account you want to connect with Hubstaff. Link the users you want to include and the Asana projects you want to track time to.

  3. Assign tasks and start tracking

    The tasks that you assign to your team members in Asana will automatically appear in their Hubstaff apps. Time tracked with Hubstaff will be shown in Asana as comments.

Lead projects to success with
accurate time and budget data

Productivity dashboard

Your complete productivity dashboard

Start here, go anywhere

Set up your dashboard with all of the features you want to see. Then, click into any one for a more detailed view, such as three different timesheets views or the full list of apps and URLs.

Customizable and visual

View total hours worked, amount spent, and your remaining budget from Hubstaff’s intuitive dashboard. With all the information you need in one location, resource planning and mid-project adjustments in Asana are much easier.

There’s even more to try

Hubstaff branding element
Productivity features

Activity rates, app and URL tracking tools.

Optional screenshots

See what your team is working on in real-time.

Easy invoicing

Automatically generated based on tracked hours and bill rates.

Instant syncing

Immediate syncing between Hubstaff and Asana.

Automated payroll

Send recurring, hassle-free payments with an integration.

Task management

Assign tasks to your team so they know what’s on their plate.

Frequently asked questions

Your questions, answered

Bring work together with Hubstaff and Asana

Sync your time and task management for better when you integrate Hubstaff and Asana.

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