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Hubstaff is used by remote and field workforces, international teams, and freelancers across 15+ industries to track time, get proof of work, manage schedules, and automate payroll.

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Use cases


  • Accountants

    Track billable hours, invoice clients, streamline payroll, and integrate with QuickBooks or FreshBooks.

  • Attorneys

    Track billable hours by client, generate accurate timesheets, and review detailed cost reports.

  • Architects and engineers

    View time spent on projects, improve job costing, and automate invoicing.

  • Cleaners

    Clock cleaners in and out automatically, create and manage schedules, and use GPS location tracking to know where your cleaners are at all times.

  • Construction

    Automate time tracking, job scheduling, shift management, and travel route optimization.

  • Design

    Automate timesheets, stay on top of project budgets, and pay your designers.

  • E-commerce

    Join 2,000+ e-commerce companies that use Hubstaff to streamline timesheets, schedule management, and payroll.

  • Health care

    Track your home health workforce's time with mobile apps, schedule shifts, and automate attendance tracking.

  • Landscaping

    Streamline time and attendance tracking of your landscaping crew, schedule jobs, and improve job costing.

  • Manufacturing

    Use location-based tracking, shift alerts and reminders, and automated timesheets to streamline workforce management.

  • Nonprofit organizations

    Track time spent on projects, grants, and initiatives, set schedules, and review detailed reports.

  • Real estate business

    Generate accurate timesheets, simplify scheduling, and automate payroll for your the workforce of your real estate company.

  • Software development

    Track your software developers' time, measure productivity, identify bottlenecks and time-wasting activities, and streamline payroll.

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