Hubstaff Tasks project management

Hubstaff time tracking integrations and add-ons

Hubstaff integrates with many project management solutions so you can see exactly what your team is working on and how much time they spend on each task.


Active Collab
Hubstaff users can track time spent working on their Active Collab tasks.Find out more
View Asana tasks and descriptions along with due dates and updates.Find out more
Basecamp Classic
Connect Hubstaff with Basecamp Classic and track time directly to your to-dos.Find out more
Basecamp 2
See assigned Basecamp 2 to-dos after syncing with Hubstaff.Find out more
Basecamp 3
Track time directly to your Basecamp 3 to-dos using the Hubstaff app.Find out more
Connect Breeze with your Hubstaff account to track time to any assigned tasks.Find out more
Track the time you spend working on GitHub issues with Hubstaff's app.Find out more
Use Hubstaff to track time on GitLab issues and close them when finished.Find out more
If you use Insightly tasks, you can track time to them using the Hubstaff app.Find out more
Use Hubstaff to track time against Jira issues that you are assigned to.Find out more
Your team can track time on their assigned LiquidPlanner tasks with Hubstaff.Find out more
Link Hubstaff with Mavenlink to view and track time against your tasks.Find out more
You can easily track time to your Paymo projects and tasks using the Hubstaff app.Find out more
Pivotal Tracker
Track time to your Pivotal Tracker stories through Hubstaff's app.Find out more
Sync your Hubstaff and Podio projects to import tasks and track time to them.Find out more
Pull down your assigned Redbooth tasks in Hubstaff and track time on them.Find out more
Integrate this open source web application with Hubstaff for time tracking.Find out more
Teamwork Projects
Keep track of time spent on Teamwork Projects tasks through your Hubstaff app.Find out more
Link Trello boards with Hubstaff projects and track time to your cards.Find out more
Track time spent on your Unfuddle tickets through the Hubstaff app.Find out more
Connect Wrike and Hubstaff so your team can track exact time to their tasks.Find out more
Zoho Projects
Hubstaff can track time on tasks assigned to linked users in Zoho Projects.Find out more

Payments, Accounting and Invoicing Integrations

Automatic credit card payments to your team members through Bitwage.Find out more
Track time directly to FreshBooks tasks by connecting it with your Hubstaff account.Find out more
Automatic and manual payments through Payoneer to your team members.Find out more
Automatically or manually pay your team through PayPal.Find out more
QuickBooks for Windows
Export time tracked via Hubstaff to QuickBooks Desktop for Windows.Find out more
QuickBooks Online
Time tracked via Hubstaff is automatically exported to QuickBooks Online.Find out more
Automatically pay your team members or send payments manually through TransferWise.Find out more
Integrate your Gusto payroll with Hubstaff easily.Find out more

CRM Integrations

Track time spent on your assigned Salesforce tasks after integrating with Hubstaff.Find out more

Help Desk Integrations

Connect Freshdesk and Hubstaff and track time on your tickets.Find out more
Track time spent on your assigned Zendesk tickets with Hubstaff.Find out more
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