Hubstaff's time tracking integrations and add-ons

Run your business more efficiently with over 30 different app integrations for time tracking, project management, accounting, payments, and more.

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Project management

  • Hubstaff Tasks

    Sprint to the finish line with an Agile, visual project management tool. Hubstaff Tasks integrates with Hubstaff for streamlined time tracking.

  • Active Collab

    Hubstaff users can track time spent working on their Active Collab tasks.

  • Asana

    View Asana tasks and descriptions along with due dates and updates.

  • Breeze

    Connect Breeze with your Hubstaff account to track time to any assigned tasks.

  • ClickUp

    Sync with Hubstaff and track time directly to ClickUp tasks, see work in progress, and add budgets.

  • GitHub

    Track the time you spend working on GitHub issues with Hubstaff's app.

  • GitLab

    Use Hubstaff to track time on GitLab issues and close them when finished.

  • Insightly

    If you use Insightly tasks, you can track time to them using the Hubstaff app.

  • Jira

    Use Hubstaff to track time against Jira issues that you are assigned to.

  • LiquidPlanner

    Your team can track time on their assigned LiquidPlanner tasks with Hubstaff.

  • Mavenlink

    Link Hubstaff with Mavenlink to view and track time against your tasks.

  • Monday

    Get the best of project and people management with our Monday integration.

  • Paymo

    You can easily track time to your Paymo projects and tasks using the Hubstaff app.

  • Pivotal Tracker

    Track time to your Pivotal Tracker stories through Hubstaff's app.

  • Podio

    Sync your Hubstaff and Podio projects to import tasks and track time to them.

  • Redbooth

    Pull down your assigned Redbooth tasks in Hubstaff and track time on them.

  • Redmine

    Integrate this open source web application with Hubstaff for time tracking.

  • Teamwork Projects

    Keep track of time spent on Teamwork Projects tasks through your Hubstaff app.

  • Trello

    Link Trello boards with Hubstaff projects and track time to your cards.

  • Unfuddle

    Track time spent on your Unfuddle tickets through the Hubstaff app.

  • Wrike

    Connect Wrike and Hubstaff so your team can track exact time to their tasks.

  • Zoho Projects

    Hubstaff can track time on tasks assigned to linked users in Zoho Projects.


  • Slack

    Get notified in Slack when time tracking starts and stops, and when tasks are completed.

Payments, accounting, and invoicing

  • Bitwage

    Automatic credit card payments to your team members through Bitwage.

  • FreshBooks

    Track time directly to FreshBooks tasks by connecting it with your Hubstaff account.

  • Payoneer

    Automatic and manual payments through Payoneer to your team members.

  • PayPal

    Automatically or manually pay your team through PayPal.

  • Quickbooks

    Export time tracked via Hubstaff to Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop.

  • Wise

    Automatically pay your team members or send payments manually through Wise.

  • Gusto

    Integrate your Gusto payroll with Hubstaff easily.

  • Deel

    Integrate Hubstaff and Deel to streamline payments for international employees and contractors.


  • Salesforce

    Track time spent on your assigned Salesforce tasks after integrating with Hubstaff.

Help desk

  • Freshdesk

    Connect Freshdesk and Hubstaff and track time on your tickets.

  • Zendesk

    Track time spent on your assigned Zendesk tickets with Hubstaff.

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