Easy Breeze time tracking

Get exact time tracking for Breeze tasks. See screenshots and activity levels, automatic reports, and more.

Breeze desktop timer

Automatic time tracking for Breeze

Hubstaff was built to integrate with project management tools like Breeze. Your team can pull all their assigned tasks in the desktop app and track time with the push of a button. The app runs on all major desktop operating systems.

Breeze time tracking with screenshots

Screenshots and activity levels for Breeze

Hubstaff offers optional screenshots and activity level tracking while your team works on their Breeze tasks. The app can be installed on Windows, Linux, or macOS and won't disturb your team as it runs silently in the background.

Connect Hubstaff and Breeze for a powerful remote team management solution

Automatic syncing
The Breeze API keeps your users and tasks automatically synced.
Unlimited tasks and projects
Connect as many projects as you need and pull down all your team's tasks.
Lightweight apps
Hubstaff runs smoothly and won't interfere with your team as they work.
Breeze time reports

Reporting done right

All time tracked with Hubstaff is put into reports that can be customized and filtered according to you and your clients' needs. Time worked on Breeze tasks can be shown on the reports which can be downloaded or emailed. You'll always have records of when and how your team works.

Breeze time tracking and much more

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Simple setup

Connect Breeze in minutes. Link users and projects then start tracking time on tasks.

Accurate time

Hubstaff keeps track of how much time you spend working. Start and stop at any time, and see task updates through the app.

Automated reports

View 18 different time reports that you can then email or download.

Breeze tasks

Workers pull down all assigned Breeze tasks and track time to them.

Easy to manage

Quickly link and unlink your projects or users whenever you need to.

Time modification

Manage time entries worked by adding, editing, or deleting time.

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