Hubstaff iphone time tracker

A smarter time tracking app for iPhone

Lightweight, full-featured time and GPS location tracking for iPhone users. Get the details on the app functionality and download now.

Easily track work hours with the push of a button
Detailed timesheets for expenses and payments
Accurate, automated time cards using geofences
Location and route monitoring with GPS
keep track of work hours with a simple iphone app

Track work hours better with the Hubstaff mobile app

Hubstaff’s iOS time clock app helps busy teams keep track of work hours no matter where they are. To get started, simply choose a project and start tracking time to it with our lightweight iPhone app. Everything happens in the background so you can keep working without interruptions.

iPhone timesheet app

Timesheet app that provides deeper insight

Get accurate digital timesheets emailed to you daily. See when and where your team and freelancers worked across jobs and how much time they spent working. In the iPhone app, you can view daily and weekly timesheets for you and your team in seconds.

Android GPS time clock

See hours spent on location with GPS

Hubstaff's Android time tracker uses GPS to track time spent at a job or client site. When your team is tracking time, you can see where they are and how long they spend at each location. You'll know how much time is spent in transit and how much time is spent on the job itself.

create job sites with iPhone geofence time tracking

Automatically clock in and out with geofences

Forget to clock in? Having a hard time getting your team to track time? Set up geofenced time tracking around your location or job sites and Hubstaff will automatically start and stop tracking as anyone arrives or leaves. Or set notifications to start tracking instead of using the auto-start functionality for manual time entries.

in-depth time reports

In-depth reports for actionable insights

Check hours, activity, payroll, and more in detailed time reports. Data is custom formatted and built into our iOS app so you can review reports offline and on the go. Tracked time flows seamlessly into your web-based dashboard for easy time management, invoicing, payments, and more. All the data you need is clearly displayed and right at your fingertips. Hubstaff software offers integrations with the main pro and ease-of-use software to large and small businesses.

iPhone time tracking
and so much more

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Simple payroll

Track time. Send invoices. Pay teams. Done.

Timesheet approvals

Review, approve, or reject timesheets.

Project management

Set hour and budget limits for projects and team members.

Time tracking

Available for desktop, iOS, or Android. Hubstaff also offers a web app and a browser extension.

Time off

One mobile app for tracking holidays and time off requests.


Easily generate invoices based on bill rates and time tracked.

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