Hubstaff time tracker appHubstaff time tracker app

A streamlined employee time clock app

Teams can quickly clock in and out from their own mobile device. Get detailed timesheets, track attendance, and more.
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benefits of an employee time clock app

Our top time-saving features

Clock in and out

  • Start and stop with one button
  • Auto-start using geofences
  • Available for iOS and Android

Schedule shifts

  • Build employee schedules
  • Set up recurring shifts
  • Track time off requests

Track attendance

  • Automatic alerts in real-time
  • See late and missed shifts
  • Assign tasks
accurate employee time cards

More detailed, more accurate time cards

The old way of working isn’t working. Ditch the paper timesheets and centrally located time clocks for a lightweight time card app that runs on your crew’s mobile devices. Easily review and approve individual timesheets from one dashboard.
approve timesheets in Hubstaff app

Review and approve timesheets

At the end of each pay period, you can set Hubstaff so that team members submit their timesheets. You can review, approve, or deny timesheets right from your dashboard.

Streamline budgets, payroll, and more

Use the hours tracked from Hubstaff’s mobile apps to track budgets, send payments to your team, and issue client invoices.
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Smarter features for mobile teams

Mobile apps

Mobile apps

Built specifically for iOS and Android.

Detailed reporting

Detailed reporting

Over 17 customizable reports on time, location, and activity.
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Geofenced Job sites

Geofenced Job sites

Auto-start and stop when employees enter or exit a job site.
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GPS location tracking

GPS location tracking

View routes and team locations while tracking time.
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Work orders

Work orders

Create work orders to track client projects.



Schedule jobs so your crew knows exactly what to do.


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For businesses of all kinds

  • Construction
  • Cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Consultants
  • Agencies
  • Real estate
  • Home health care
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hubstaff is built to be a lightweight mobile app. With location tracking on at a 500-meter resolution, the battery will only drain ~2%/hr.
Location is tracked when the timer is actively running (a user presses start or enters a Job site), or always if you enable passive location tracking.
Passive location tracking allows your team to track locations on the mobile app without actively tracking time to a project or within a designated shift. You can modify these settings on a user level.
Clocking in is as easy as pressing a button on a mobile device — it only takes a second. Or, you can automate clock in based on location. In this case, the app will clock your crew in automatically when they arrive.
You can choose which features but this is everything you can do from the Hubstaff mobile apps:
  • Track time
  • Choose which projects and tasks are being worked on
  • Track location
  • Fleet tracking — you choose always on, just while tracking time, during a shift, or turned off
  • View reports
  • View schedules
  • View activity screens
  • View the map
  • View your team and personal dashboard
Hubstaff’s web dashboard has all of your crew’s time and activity, along with all of our features listed above with full functionality. From the dashboard, you can modify and adjust settings on a per-user basis and create and manage your organization.
As many as you have. Our plans are per-user so you only pay for your exact number of team members.

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