Reporting and analytics for the modern workforce

Does your workforce data keep up with the fast-paced decision-making required for success? Hubstaff’s robust reporting and analytics can help. Our Insights product helps you optimize remote and hybrid teams of 10 to 10,000.

workplace analytics

Exploring workplace analytics

In today’s dynamic environment, analyzing and reporting on key data insights is essential for making informed decisions. Analytics and reporting functionality offers insights into your team's productivity, project performance, and resource allocation. At Hubstaff, we understand the importance of these capabilities and have developed a suite of tools specifically designed to meet your organization's needs.

Hubstaff’s comprehensive analytics and reporting functionality

Data collection and tracking

Data collection and tracking

To gain accurate and comprehensive insights, you need robust data collection and tracking capabilities. Hubstaff simplifies this process with its intuitive tools. And by putting information in front of managers and team members, we help you foster trust and transparency.

Customizable reports

Customizable reports and dashboards

Creating insightful reports and easy-to-understand visualizations are critical for making decisions, allocating resources, and supporting your team. Customizable reports, data fields, dashboards, and other elements are necessary to tailor any analytics to your specific organization.

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Report templates and customization

Hubstaff offers pre-designed report templates tailored to common use cases. Customize reports, fields, and more take your status reports and presentations to the next level. See some common uses for marketing teams.

Real-time data visualization

Understand what’s happening now to predict tomorrow. Real-time, intuitive charts and graphs offer instant insights into performance and identify trends, bottlenecks, and areas to support your team.

KPI tracking

Monitor the KPIs that matter most to your organization. Hubstaff supports benchmarking data against historical performance and industry averages so you can spend more time improving the employee experience to build a better team.

Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics with Hubstaff Insights

To unlock deeper insights, we offer advanced analytics capabilities that go beyond standard reporting features through our Hubstaff Insights add-on.

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Data segmentation and filtering

Analyze your data from different angles by segmenting and filtering roles, teams, projects, dates, and more. Drill down to understand what’s important for your informed decision-making

Benchmarking and comparisons

See how well your team is performing against others in your industry. Our benchmarking makes it easy to tell when teams may need help or are outperforming their peers.

Trend analysis

Leverage historical data to identify trends and patterns that can inform future strategies. Hubstaff's workforce analysis and forecasting capabilities help you anticipate challenges, allocate resources effectively, and make proactive decisions.


Streamlined integration with your tech stack

Analytics teams need seamless integration with existing business tools and preferred software to ensure data extensibility. Hubstaff integrates with leading software, ensuring smooth workflows and eliminating manual data entry.

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Project management

Track time meaningfully by linking Hubstaff with Asana, Monday, or Hubstaff Tasks. Streamline workflows and minimize the manual work for employees thanks to centralized reporting and automated timesheets.

Accounting and invoicing

Sync Hubstaff with accounting and invoicing software like QuickBooks, Wise, and Gusto for accurate payroll, fast processing, and accurate auditing within your financial processes.

Enterprise CRM

Hubstaff integrates directly with Salesforce, one of the most powerful CRMs on the market. See how your team is working, take project notes, and leverage customer relationships in the ways your team needs.

Empower your organization with data-driven Insights

Unlock the secrets of your organization and workforce, regardless of size.

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Improved productivity and efficiency

Generate real-time visibility into team activities, identifying bottlenecks and barriers to productivity. Optimize resource allocation to enhance your team’s capabilities.

Strengthen project management

Effective project management relies on data-driven insights. Hubstaff puts progress, milestones, and metrics at your fingertips to support on-time delivery every time.

Accurate resource allocation and budgeting

Analytics tools like Hubstaff provide you with a clear understanding of how you’re using resources across projects and tasks. With the right reports, you can optimize use, see where you’re investing too much or too little, and make data-driven decisions when planning future projects and budgets.

Enhance decision-making with data

What does your workforce need? It’s a simple question with complex answers depending on teams and tasks. Leveraging Hubstaff Insights and reports can make it easy to assess performance, identify opportunities, and mitigate risks to drive your organization forward.

Transparency and accountability

Analytics give data context. Share this with your workforce so they know how they’re evaluated and how to improve. Clear, easy-to-understand reports foster communication with your team and build trust. This way, you empower employees to be part of the conversation and feel confident in their roles and autonomy.

Data control and utilization

The data Hubstaff tracks belong to you, meaning you’re free to save, share, integrate, and more. Explore the 30+ integrations available, with more on the way. Track, analyze, and grow.

Hubstaff analytics

Hubstaff analytics in action

Hubstaff's analytics and reporting functionality caters to a wide range of use cases, ensuring its applicability across standard and complex business scenarios.

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Powerful enterprise support 

  • Tailor productivity measures to your business, vertical, or industry. Craft powerful reports with relevant roles, permissions, functions, and protections. Concierge support is also available.

  • The Highlights widget is built to help you spot global team trends without needing to interrupt your managers with extra meetings.

  • Improve staffing decisions and retention with more than 20 reports designed to help you avoid burnout, identify promotion opportunities, and spot people who need extra help.

  • Compare your team against industry-specific benchmarks. See how well you’re performing compared to averages for activity, time utilization, and even time spent in meetings vs. focus time.

See how Insights builds a plan for your entire workforce, from 10 to 10,000

Workforce analytics software

  • We support the modern workforce. We offer real-time data and custom reports for remote, hybrid, and in-office teams.

  • Track specific tasks and activities regardless of physical location. Advanced features support automatic timesheets, geofencing, and more.

  • Improve remote employee experience with transparent tools that highlight productivity levels every team member can see, so employees can show off their wins or ask for help when they’re overloaded.

  • Optimize remote team workflows. Understand how your team communicates to uncover ways to improve collaboration and drive better outcomes.

  • Identify bottlenecks and preempt concerns. Hubstaff allows you to set custom limits, create schedules, manage time off, and automate payroll for a more efficient operation that benefits managers and team members.

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Tracking the most important metrics

Tracking the most important metrics across your company

Hubstaff’s advanced analytics make it easy to track, understand, and analyze core metrics across teams, departments, and companies. You can use our data to support an understanding of KPIs, including:

  • Project progress and milestones
  • Project costs and profitability
  • Hours and overtime per project or client
  • Employee engagement, pay, and PTO
  • Employee disengagement and churn risk
  • Meeting time and expenses
  • Software, app, and URL usage
  • Compliance

Resource utilization and capacity planning


Understand how teams work and spend

Track project costs based on hours, bill rate, and pay rates. See how your teams use their existing resources and understand the current workload.


Keep projects on track and on budget

Set smart budget limits and get notifications as you approach them. Learn where you need to reallocate to meet deadlines or pursue profitability.


Track today, plan for tomorrow

Use detailed reports and insights for better forecasts. Leverage historical data to understand future demands. Plan ahead to avoid bottlenecks or shortages.

Understand what’s possible with project cost management analytics

Employee evaluation and support

Improve employee support

See how teams and people spend their time. Easily set time limits and watch for warning signs of high workload and burnout risks.

Recognize your rock stars

Hubstaff badges regularly celebrate productivity and task wins, so managers can praise project success. Track top performers for that next promotion

End micromanagement

Understand tasks and statuses through dashboards, not interruptions. Reduce meetings and check-in emails for a better employee experience.

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