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logged time shows up as a comment in Github

Track time to
GitHub issues with ease and accuracy

Assign GitHub issues to your team members so they can track time directly using Hubstaff’s mobile, desktop or web apps, or the Chrome extension. Logged time shows up as a comment in GitHub so you always know who worked on what, and for how long.

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  1. Create your Hubstaff account

    Sign up and create your organization in Hubstaff.

  2. Choose your GitHub account

    Connect and import your Github projects and team members.

  3. Download the app

    Your devs download their choice of Hubstaff app and start tracking time.

get started in minutes

Unlock insights with
detailed reporting

Hubstaff’s in-depth time reports give you insight into your team’s operations, such as which GitHub issues are taking up too much time and which ones are getting closed quickly. That way, you can prioritize your most crucial projects and make sure you’re hitting delivery dates.

One powerful dashboard for
managing devs

Hubstaff lets you access to your own data

Better resource planning

See where time is being spent, where more resources are needed, and ways to help teams work better with over 17 different reports.


Easier estimating

Set limits for hours or project budgets and you’ll get notified as they’re approached. Better estimate projects and stay on track in the future.


Streamlined admin work

Timesheets emailed daily. A review process that’s built-in. Payments sent based on hours worked. Hubstaff helps you automates recurring admin work.

Time-saving features

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One-time setup

Keep projects synced through oAuth authorization.

Timesheet approvals

Quickly review, approve, or reject timesheets.

Activity levels

Track activity based on keyboard and mouse usage.

Works where you do

Track time from mobile, desktop or web apps, or the Chrome extension.

Optional screenshots

Only while tracking time and on a per-user basis.

App and URL tracking

See which apps and URLs are used while the timer is running.

Christian Mairoll / Founder and CEO of Emsisoft

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"Hubstaff simplified and streamlined our time tracking processes, and it’s especially beneficial for a fully distributed team like ours.”

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