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Do you have a business and a remote team? Do you prefer to do things the easy way? Then Hubstaff is probably for you. We're so much more than a work timer. Our team is built and runs on the Hubstaff platform, so we know what it takes to manage your team, even if they are on the other side of the world. Everyday we're building and improving our software so that you can focus on growing your business, not running it.
Big ideas start small
Like many traditional workers, Dave became disillusioned with the grind of daily commutes and mindless paper pushing. So when he left the mainstream workforce and started his own company, he naturally built a remote team. Yet, the management of this global team became a challenge and in a 'there has to be a better way moment,' Hubstaff was born.
hubstaff founders
Freedom is our primary core value, but hard work is how Dave Nevogt and Jared Brown earned it in 2012 when they started building the first version of Hubstaff.
Fast forward 5 years and 8000 businesses later, Hubstaff stands as the leader in managing time and tracking the work of remote teams.
Hubstaff is powered by over 30 veteran developers, marketers, and support professionals from around the world.
Dec. 2012
Dave and Jared
found Hubstaff
Apr. 2013
Beta product launches
to 10 users
Aug. 2013
Hubstaff paid version
Set. 2015
Hubstaff premium
Apr. 2017
8000th customer
signs up
11 timezones, one amazing team
A remote team building software to power their own remote team, and selling it to remote teams? Yeah, that's us. We believe the best work is done with the individual worker in mind, so whether it's working from the couch or Slackin' from the dog park, it's okay at Hubstaff. We've grown our team to over 30 wonderful people across the globe. Scroll the map to meet them!
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Unmatched productivity, unlimited potential
Like the customers we serve, our team comes together from remote workspaces around the world. It's what helps us create a better product and better serve growing businesses. We seek out the best talent for the job no matter where they are or how they work. If you're driven to work productively and accomplish more, you belong here.
We are an open book
We believe in full transparency, so we publish our growth stats publicly as part of the Baremetrics Open Startup Project. You can view our real time revenue dashboard at anytime. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch anytime.
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