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Born out of personal pain and a need to be free, Hubstaff is a remote startup that helps teams work smarter. Here’s a little more about ours.

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Hubstaff software is built on three guiding principles, which is to provide users with control, transparency about how the apps work, and access to all of their own data. See how all of our features work to support productive, focused teams.
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The Wall Street Journal
I’m in love with it. I’m never going back.
Chris Heuwetter / Hubstaff customer
Remote work will become more mainstream.
CNBC reporter
FOX 32
It’s a win-win for employer and employee.
Dave Nevogt / CEO Hubstaff
We built Hubstaff to enable teams to work remotely.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Organizations can customize their settings and turn features on or off, but this is everything that can be tracked.
  • Projects and tasks worked on
  • Apps used
  • Websites visited
  • Keyboard and mouse activity
  • Desktop screenshots
  • Hours worked
Jump ahead to see what the , and track.
Hubstaff runs on several desktop and mobile platforms. Here is the full list of supported operating systems:
  • Desktop
    • macOS
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Chromebook
  • Web timer
  • Mobile
    • iOS
    • Android
  • Extensions
    • Chrome extension
Teams can set the app to take screenshots once, twice, or three times during each 10-minute increment on a per-user basis. Screenshots can be blurred for privacy, or the feature can be turned off completely.
Hubstaff will send a notification every time it takes a screenshot if that person enables desktop notifications. These will appear depending on the device’s app notification settings.
No. Hubstaff is designed to track the work being done on the device it’s running on — not to spy on employees. We would never take webcam photos.
No. Hubstaff does not track what is being typed, only if there is typing activity or not.
Managers and organization owners can see the screenshots captured by Hubstaff. Team members can only view their own screenshots, but not each other's.
Yes, users can delete screenshots. These are set on a per-user basis, so they will have to check with their managers.
The Chromebook app can track:
  • Time worked
  • Projects and tasks worked on
  • Activity rates
  • Screenshots
Users can track time to projects and tasks in the Chrome extension, as well as get activity rates based on their keyboard and mouse usage.
Like the desktop app, organizations can customize the mobile app’s active features. Here’s what the mobile app can track:
  • Time tracked
  • Projects and tasks worked on
  • Location while tracking time
  • Fleet tracking

Fleet tracking is a feature available only through the mobile app that has to be enabled by the owner of the device to function. When permission is granted, Hubstaff tracks location to show where that person is and when.

This feature is common among field teams who are on the go and need a way to track routes and location. These teams can be automatically clocked in or out when they enter or leave a job site, or sent reminders to punch in. Fleet tracking can be set to be always on, only when tracking time, during specific shift hours, or turned off.

Nothing. Hubstaff tracks data only while the timer or fleet tracking is on.

No, and this is not something Hubstaff wants to do. We do not allow rules to be set that would automatically discard time tracked below a certain activity level. Idle time, which means there was no activity whatsoever and often indicates the timer was accidentally left running, can be removed on a per-user setting.

Activity rates can fluctuate during the day or week. Instead of relying solely on activity percentages, we encourage managers to use the Hubstaff dashboard, timesheet approvals, and other proof of work features to get a clearer picture of how teams work.

Still have questions about how the Hubstaff app works? Check out more Hubstaff FAQs or drop our support team a line .

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