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Marketing Generalist


Our software allows people to work from anywhere they want in the world. We are a young company that is growing quickly in multiple directions and looking to add to our marketing team.

We look for doers in marketing, people that can implement on a daily basis. You will be in the trenches of a start-up bringing projects full circle from start to finish.

Required Skills:

  • Working knowledge of HTML - does not need to be expert level but you will be in the tools that require at least working level knowledge
  • SEO / SEM (previous inbound marketing experience, traffic generation, growth hacking)
  • Managing Advertising (Facebook / Google)

Responsibilities Include

  • Working with integration partners (https://hubstaff.com/integrations) to get listed on directories, newsletters, etc…
  • Working with other SAAS based businesses on email promotions / discounts
  • Writing web copy
  • Writing Email copy
  • Writing engaging blog posts and customer updates
  • Setting up sales funnels and conversion tracking (leadpages, google analytics)
  • A /B Testing (vwo.com)
  • Creating Live events and Webinars
  • Managing client relationships for our staffing product (requires some phone and skype)
  • Creating walkthrough videos
  • Marketing blog posts and our various landing pages
  • Influencer outreach / PR
  • Getting spots on Podcasts / guest blog posts

Content Marketer and Writer


We are looking for someone that understands content marketing and can write well. We would need some posts written from an outline format (we provide the outline and you write the post), and many posts from scratch. See some examples below:

Other posts would need to be edited (we have other writers and you would be editing and publishing the post).

Responsibilities Include

  • Writing blog posts - we are looking for an awesome story teller
  • Setup of the post for SEO (we can teach this)
  • Working with graphic designers to create imagery
  • Formatting posts in Wordpress
  • Editing the posts of other writers
  • Publishing the posts on schedule and sharing with social media
  • Posting the content on associated sites
  • Recycling the content into various formats
  • Keyword research to understand topics that we should work on

Please apply with samples of writing and show us your style. We're looking for a great story teller and someone with content marketing experience.

Growth Marketer


Hubstaff is a time tracking software with proof of work that integrates with over 30 project management, CRM, accounting and invoicing tools. We are a growing and transparent company that with the goal of creating the best product we can possibly build.

We are seeking a growth marketer to help with the growth of our product. There will be two major components to the job.

  • Strategy / tactical recommendations
  • Implementation of those recommendations

We are looking for a team player who can not only uncover the correct strategies to work on (based on data), but also execute on those strategies on a daily basis.


Currently we are a marketing team of six broken down by channel. The growth channel will cover the following aspects of marketing.

  • Conversion optimization
  • Split tests
  • Analytics
  • Copywriting
  • Innovative ways to grow the user base and acquire clients
  • Some parts of marketing automation

You’ll be expected to work daily with our different analytics platforms and use that data to make recommendations and decisions.


  • Previous experience with a Saas or ecommerce company ( inbound marketing, traffic generation, growth hacking)
  • Deep understanding of analytics
  • Ability to write well for the web and email
  • Working knowledge of HTML - does not need to be expert level but you will be in the tools that require at least working level knowledge

RorRuby on Rails Software Engineer


Hubstaff is quickly becoming one of the leading solutions in the evolving time tracking space.

We are looking for a talented Ruby on Rails engineer to join our passionate development team. You will help tackle challenging problems and assist with scaling the service to keep up with our fast growth.

The position will report directly to our CTO and work closely with our other engineers. We have projects that require a full-stack skillset but that go deep on back-end architecture and implementation.

The Stack and Requirements

The ideal candidate will have plenty of experience with:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • SQL
  • Git
  • Postgres & MySQL
  • Unit tests
  • Backbone.js
  • Memory profiling
  • Performance profiling
  • TDD
  • Background workers
  • Writing design docs
  • Wire-framing
  • Caching
  • API implementation
  • Heroku
  • Docker
  • AWS services

Customer Support and QA


We’re a fun team that offers flexibility and the ability to grow with our company. We are looking for someone technical enough that can handle the support of our desktop and mobile applications for new users. This will involve working with teams to make sure that all of their employees are onboarded correctly and handling any technical issues that arise.

The correct person must also have a good “personality” and the ability to communicate effectively with team leaders because the job also entails one to one webinars and skype calls with new team managers.

In addition, we are looking for QA help which means testing all integrations and apps on various operating systems and mobile devices.

The correct person will have:

The ability to make decisions by themselves. We are looking for someone that is able to add to our team without a ton of management. They will be a self starter.

Technical skills. You’ll need to be able to diagnose potential issues on customer computers. This includes how much RAM and CPU our apps are taking, and diagnosing other issues that users face.

The ability and desire to respond quickly to new clients. When a client comes in you need to drop everything and focus on that client.

A quiet work location. This job is remote, but much of your time will be spent communicating with clients. We need a quiet location that is reliable and the ability to work full time (40 hours a week).

Responsibilities Include

  • Creating support documentation (written and possibly video)
  • Answering incoming support requests via email
  • Talking on Skype regularly
  • Diagnosing complex technical issues
  • Supporting Windows, Mac, and Linux Desktop clients
  • Software testing experience a plus

Public Relations Rep


Hubstaff makes managing teams and remote work easy. We are a rapidly growing company and are looking for someone that will increase Hubstaff’s overall awareness, mindshare, and reach. We need enthusiastic marketers that can create and manage effective PR strategies from start to finish and communicate technical topics in an easy to understand way.

We’re a 100% remote team from across the globe. If you want to join other talented marketers and put your skills to good user, apply today.


  • Interacting with current media opportunities at major publication outlets (answering media questions and answering questions
  • Obtaining podcast placements
  • Obtaining guest blog post placements and finding experts to contribute to our blog
  • Planning, developing and implementing PR strategies
  • Collating and analyzing media coverage
  • Interacting with influencers in the industry


  • Proven record of successful online pr campaigns
  • Strong relationships with SaaS media outlets
  • Confident at presenting and communicating
  • Skill and experience with interviews and acting as a spokesperson
  • Plenty of social media experience (Facebook, Twitter, and blogs)

Benefits of Working at Hubstaff

Freedom to Roam

Work wherever you work best, whether that's your home, a coffee shop, in a hotel room, or at the park. We won't trap you in an office.

Competitive Pay

We value the work you do and know how valuable your time is. Join Hubstaff and start getting paid what you deserve.

Flexible Hours

Some work better at night, others in the morning. Part of working for Hubstaff is being able to do work when it's best for you.

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