Easy time tracking integration with Gusto payroll

Automatically sync employee hours tracked with the Hubstaff time tracker for easy payroll with Gusto.

Hubstaff Gusto time tracking and payroll integration

A desktop app that seamlessly integrates into your workflow

Hubstaff’s time tracking with Gusto payroll integration works with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome. It's also available on iOS and Android devices.

Hubstaff integrates with Gusto payroll

One click to save time and manual work

Eliminate the hassle of manually logging hours. Easily import your employee data into Hubstaff. Employees’ tracked hours are then automatically synced to Gusto’s payroll every pay period.

add member to gusto payroll

Easy setup

Syncing Gusto into Hubstaff takes just minutes. You can add employees, set custom pay rates, and much more all from Hubstaff. Automatically import employee hours into Gusto for payroll.

Integrating Hubstaff and Gusto in a snap

Everything you need to work better, in one place

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gusto hubstaff gps tracking and payroll integration

Smart tracking that keeps your team moving

Get a bird’s eye view of your fleet with GPS tracking. With automated geofences, you can automatically clock team members in and out from their locations. Perfect for teams on the go.

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Simple time tracking

Track time and automatically sync work hours into Gusto.

Monitor budgets

Manage project costs and receive notifications as you approach limits.

Easy invoices
Activity levels

Track activity over time based on keyboard and mouse usage.

Timesheet approvals

Quickly review, approve, or reject timesheets.

Optional Screenshots

Watch work as it happens with automated screenshots.

Make payday even better with Hubstaff and Gusto

Tracking time is easy with Hubstaff. Take it to the next level with our Gusto integration and your teams will also get automatic payday emails, lifetime accounts, direct deposit, and much more.

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