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Connect Hubstaff time tracking to thousands of apps using Zapier.

Connect Hubstaff and Zapier
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Hubstaff lets you access to your own data

Save time with
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Streamline the repetitive tasks that steal your precious work time. Gain greater efficiency and give your business an advantage with Hubstaff’s Zapier integration. Discover all the benefits that automation has to offer.

How to use Hubstaff with Zapier

Once you have Hubstaff and Zapier accounts set up, follow these steps to create your Zaps.

Hubstaff lets you access to your own data
  1. Choose your trigger app and event

    Decide what will trigger your Zap, and choose the account of the app you’re using.
  2. Set the action

    Choose what happens when an action is triggered.
  3. Customize the action

    Determine how the Zap will work, which depends on the app you use in Step 2.
  4. Test your Zap

    Confirm the Zap works. Turn it on and you’re ready to go.

How Hubstaff integrates with Zapier

How Hubstaff integrates with Zapier

Not sure where to start?
Try these Zaps first

  • Slack
    Get Slack alerts when team members are late, leave early, or don't show up to a shift
    Use this Zap
  • Slack
    Send Slack messages when to-dos and tasks are completed
    Use this Zap
  • Slack
    Send Slack messages when the timer is started or stopped
    Use this Zap
  • Slack
    Set your status in Slack when the timer is started
    Use this Zap
  • Google Calendar
    Create events in Google Calendar for new Hubstaff shifts
    Use this Zap
  • Todoist
    Create a to-do in Todoist when a task is created in Hubstaff
    Use this Zap
  • Google Sheets
    Add to-dos to Hubstaff from new rows in Google Sheets
    Use this Zap
  • QuickBooks Online
    Add new QuickBooks Online customers to Hubstaff as clients
    Use this Zap
  • GitHub
    Add new GitHub issues to Hubstaff as new to-dos
    Use this Zap
  • GitLab
    Add new GitLab issues to Hubstaff as new to-dos
    Use this Zap

Features to help streamline
your entire business


Create one-time or recurring shifts for your team within Hubstaff.

Built-in to-dos

Break down projects into smaller tasks for detailed time tracking.

Apps for every device

Download Hubstaff on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Chromebook or use the Chrome extension.

Productivity features

Assess productivity over time with activity rates based on mouse and keyboard usage.

Attendance tracking

Get automatic alerts for late, missed, or abandoned shifts.

24/7 Support

Need help? We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

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