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Hubstaff Tasks is agile project management software that helps your team do more with less.

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Work better with Agile project management software

Hubstaff Tasks is based on Agile Methodology, which has been proven to enhance team collaboration and communication.

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Finish big jobs faster

Break big projects up into management 'sprints' that keep your team focused and productive.

Prevent mistakes

Routine check-ins and reviews help you spot minor issues before they become major problems.

Foster teamwork

Agile project management tools encourage regular feedback, so that every project benefits from the collective knowledge of your team.

agile workflow

Automate the most repetitive PM tasks

Quickly craft an agile workflow that matches how your team does things.

40+ customizable templates

From web design to dev work, Hubstaff Tasks saves you hours each week with customizable templates for almost every type of project imaginable.

Auto-assign, Kanban style

Set up columns so that the right person is automatically assigned anytime a task moves to the next step.

Visualize work from every angle

Switch between different views to better understand how your team works

View your project tasks in a Kanban styled boardView your project tasks timeline view and plan ahead easily

Toggle from Kanban to Timeline

See what each team member is working on in the Project Timeline view. This helps you avoid bottlenecks while keeping projects on-track.

Roadmap tool
Gain total visibility with Roadmaps

Think of it as mission control for your projects. Roadmap tool gives you an all-in-one look at everything your team is working on.

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Get a complete picture of how your team is working

Sync Hubstaff Tasks with Hubstaff time-tracking software to get detailed reports for making data-driven decisions.

Hubstaff Tasks agile project management benefits overview

Understand work habits with time-tracking data

See how many hours team members worked and what they spent their time on.

Uncover roadblocks to hit goals faster

Uncover what tasks are taking too long (and costing too much) so you can find and fix productivity problems.

Know the ROI of every project at a glance

Add a pay rate for each team member to see which tasks are driving the most profit.

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  • 4.6 out of 5 stars from 1045 reviews
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With Hubstaff Tasks, you get more for less. That’s something you rarely see these days in a project management app.

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