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Create your Stand-up

Customize your Scrum Stand-ups by choosing the team involved, if they’re submitted daily or weekly, and who gets recaps emailed to them. Team members can then share accomplishments and identify roadblocks easily.

Set custom reminders

Schedule auto-reminders to prompt your team to submit their weekly or daily Stand-ups. Take one task off your plate by letting Hubstaff check-in for you.

Sync up your asynchronous team

Identify inefficiencies, see which projects are getting off track, and get updates without interrupting your team. It’s all possible with automated Stand-ups.

Agile Stand-up software built for

  • optimise processes with stand-ups
  • create better sprints with stand-ups
  • cancel unnecessary meetings with stand-ups
 Hubstaff and Tasks integration

Save even more time for your team

Autofill your Stand-ups

If you’re using the personal To-do feature in Hubstaff tasks, you can use that list to autofill your Stand-ups. Crossed off items appear in what you worked on, and unchecked tasks will show up in what’s next.

Two apps, seamlessly connected

Anything you do within Hubstaff Tasks — creating tasks, moving projects through a workflow, and assigning work — syncs seamlessly to Hubstaff time tracking. Help your business become more profitable with smarter project management. Together, they’re unbeatable.

Even more Agile features


Accomplish more by breaking work up into Agile Sprints.


Create your own workflows and keep projects moving forward.


Save time and start from the best template for you.


Combine related tasks and plans into one overarching Epic.

Built-in time tracking

Track time directly from tasks as you go.

Roadmaps and timelines

Visualize future plans with drag-and-drop timeline features.

software development stand-ups

A project management tool built for all teams

Stand-ups originated in software development teams but this quick and efficient Agile practice can help anyone work smarter. Here are just a few teams that benefit from Stand-ups.

Customer success
Software development

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