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Epic Coders’ major issue and Hubstaff Tasks’ simple solution

How Hubstaff Tasks’ features, integrations, and task management were exactly what this company needed.

Founded in 2012
as a digital design company
Based in Timișoara, Romania
with a team of remote talent
Works with brands
from all around the world
Also founded Epic Pixls
a resource site for designers

We are not the usual agency that outsources your project. We take each project as our own and push its boundaries until the users are happy. In the end, what comes out are the most EPIC apps with the best design.

Epic Coders

A merry band of freelancers

The best stories start from a humble place — a fact that's true for Epic Coders. Before they were an official company, they were just a group of freelancers looking to create the best work possible. But, after a few projects were under their belts, they quickly realized they had something special. Their unique approach to both design and client management put them in a position where they had no choice but to join forces and start building a portfolio of work together.

Like an agency, but better

Epic Coders doesn't consider themselves a design agency. That's because they think agencies get a key thing wrong: The way designers should work with their clients. Epic Coders believes their team members should integrate into their client's companies, not just work on them from afar. They want to work as one with their clients and have a collaborative relationship. But, to make that happen, they needed some help.

Why they needed a project management tool

Epic Coders needed a way to keep everyone on the same page. For one, their design team needed a way to stay up to date with on-going projects while at the same time planning work and setting budgets for projects that were coming down the pipeline. They also needed a way to be transparent with their clients and give them confidence that they were going to stay on target with deadlines and goals. So, they started to look for a solution to their problems.

We needed a tool that could seamlessly manage personal to-dos, organize them into sprints and help with the collaboration with managers. Our tasks needed to be standalone so they wouldn’t be overlooked but they also needed a system that would offer a big-picture understanding of everyone’s sprint.

Alin Spiridon / Web Developer at Epic Coders

The challenges of managing a remote team

Epic Coders realized they had several issues that could all be solved by finding the right tool. With team members all over the world, Alin Spiridon and his team needed a way to communicate project expectations, onboard team members, and keep everyone in-the-know without adding more work onto the team’s plates. With such a small team, they didn't have any extra time to spend on figuring out confusing or complicated project management programs. They needed something simple and straight-forward.

Overseeing projects

Due to their smaller-sized team, any one person at Epic Coders could be working on several projects at the same time. Not being able to keep track of who was doing what was becoming harder to manage and oversee as time went on.

Keeping budgets straight

According to Spiridon, "the projects we worked on went over budget because of some fixes at a later date." They couldn't plan accordingly and, as a result, could damage relationships with clients over money-related conversations — something no growing company wants.

Manage projects with ease

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Finding Hubstaff Tasks

Epic Coders needed a tool that could not only solve all their problems but help them get work done more efficiently without sacrificing any extra time. And that's why they chose Hubstaff Tasks.

Customizable weekly sprints

Hubstaff Tasks allows your team to work through projects with weekly sprints. You can see what everyone is working on this week, what's planned for the weeks ahead, and even what projects are on the backlog for the distant future. "We love the sprints feature within Tasks," says Spiridon, "and we've been using it since it launched." Sprints make it easy to prioritize work and move tasks through the workflow, all with one click.

Easy task management

The simplicity of creating a task is exactly why we love Hubstaff Tasks," says Spiridon. And he's right; it only takes a second to set up a task. Plus, each task is jam-packed with helpful features. You can create productivity checklists, set due dates, plan estimates, comment and tag team members about progress, and assign tasks to however many people you need.

Seamless connection to Hubstaff

Combining Hubstaff Tasks with Hubstaff takes everything to the next level. "Having Hubstaff linked to Tasks makes things super easy when it comes to onboarding," says Spiridon. When you add a new team member to the group, they instantly have access to all the information they need for developer time tracking and upcoming projects. Plus, by using both in tandem, your team members can track time towards specific tasks while you monitor activity levels on certain projects, make sure your projects are not going over budget, and pay everyone for the work they've done.

We use Hubstaff tasks projects each time we start something new.

Alin Spiridon / Web Developer at Epic Coders

How Hubstaff Tasks had an impact

Since using Hubstaff Tasks, Epic Coders has been able to work more efficiently and, in their own words, "better collaborate and manage our team to get our costs down." By using Hubstaff Tasks, they're able to work more cohesively as a team and better estimate the cost of their design jobs, all without wasting any extra time on admin work or managing project management.

Epic Coders' final word on Hubstaff Tasks

Spiridon and the team feel very strongly that Hubstaff Tasks was the right move for their business. They are very excited to see how Hubstaff Tasks continues to innovate and grow in the project management space and, according to Spiridon, "We would definitely recommend Tasks to other people. We would do that because of the ease of use and simplicity, which is exactly what we needed.

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