Hubstaff Tasks: A better alternative to Trello

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Hubstaff Tasks vs Trello

Why go with Hubstaff Tasks

Automated workflows

Simplify the process

Customize your workflow however you like. As you move projects through it, Hubstaff Tasks will automatically assign whoever needs to be working next on that task. Trello, on the other hand, allows you to add-on a workflows feature using power-ups but this doesn’t come pre-installed with their basic software.
Hubstaff Tasks automated workflows feature
Dynamic sprints

Work at your own pace

Weekly sprints make it easy to see what tasks need to be worked on today and what’s coming up in future weeks, all while highlighting progress, due dates, estimates, and assignees. Trello’s personal tasks view isn’t the most user-friendly and makes you jump through a few hoops to simply see what needs to get done.
dynamic sprints
Custom standups

Stay up-to-date

Use standups to make sure everyone on your team is keeping up with current projects and planning for future tasks while problem-solving any possible roadblocks along the way. While you could install a third-party power-up to add something like this to Trello, it doesn't come included with the software.
custom stand-ups
Hubstaff Tasks features

The difference between Hubstaff Tasks and Trello

While Trello has a nice look and simplistic design, it fails to stand up as a true piece of Agile software and feels underdeveloped. Hubstaff Tasks adopts the best parts of the Agile methodology and makes it work for any type of business, all without needing any additional power-ups or plugins.
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Hubstaff Tasks features

Switching to Hubstaff Tasks

You and your team don’t have to settle for software that can’t do everything you need. Migrating over from Trello to Hubstaff Tasks is simple and, in just a few minutes, you can use Hubstaff Tasks to assign tasks, schedule stand-ups, prioritize work, and organize your team’s workflow.
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Make what you do even more efficient

Take control of your process and projects with the best Agile has to offer all inside Hubstaff Tasks.
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