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Project time tracking in Hubstaff Tasks
project time tracker app

Built-in time tracker for Hubstaff Tasks

Sync your project and time management with our lightweight in-app timer. Track as you go, and see past work logs on each task. Then, use that data to create more accurate estimates in the future.

Keep working seamlessly by connecting project management and time tracking

budget estimation app

Estimate and
budget better

Use the time tracked on each task to better plan and estimate projects. When it’s time to budget future projects, you can look back at work logs and see how long each task took to complete.

Hubstaff Tasks + Hubstaff integration

Get more in-depth features by integrating Hubstaff

Tracking time directly to tasks is just the start. Integrate Hubstaff with Hubstaff Tasks and get detailed reporting, track budgets, invoice clients, pay team members, and much more.

Packed full of features


Focus your team and plan out future Sprints.

Automated workflows

Customize workflows and move tasks with one click.

Agile features

Harness the power of Agile to work better.


Visualize due dates and see each person’s workload.

Automated standups

Daily Agile Stand-ups sent straight to your inbox.


Plan larger projects and break them into tasks.

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