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Automated stand-ups
Easy check-ins
Hubstaff Tasks prompts team members to add their updates on a regular basis. Identify roadblocks and see progress without having to check-in.
project management for smooth team collaboration
Prioritize critical work
Set priorities as a team for focused, productive work. Everyone knows what to work on at any time so projects stay on track.
easily break bigger tasks into checklist items
Visualize and automate processes
Add a column for each step of the process, and determine who is responsible. When it’s time to move a task forward, it only takes one click.
show just the tasks that matter to specific team members
simple kanban-style project management example

See where projects are with kanban workflows

Visual boards and dedicated tasks ensure managers can check in and get the status of a project at any time. No need to check in or interrupt work — all of the relevant information is attached to the task as it moves through your process.
Over 40 project templates
Choose the template that best suits your team, or start from scratch. Hubstaff Tasks offers helpful project examples and onboarding so you can get started quickly.
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Website design

Manage design projects from concept to client approval so they're completed on time. Includes lists for goals, structure, design, feedback, and fixes.


Properly tracking new features and bugs is critical. Follow the progress of features and fixes from when they are initially requested until they are live.

Social media content

Manage your complete social media workflow in a simple and effective way. Brainstorm, create, and distribute social media content.

Event planning

Successful event planning takes a huge amount of preparation. This workflow helps you manage every aspect of your event.

Designed for collaborative teams

Software developers
Product managers
IT and support
Content marketers
Sales team
Event planners
Human resources
SEO specialists

Time and project management in sync

the template that best suits your team, or start from scratch. Hubstaff Tasks offers helpful project examples and onboarding so you can get started quickly.

Designed to help you accomplish more

Intentional simplicity so you get only the
features you need.

Agile methods

Taking the best of Agile for productive work.

Automated workflows

Keep things moving with preset workflows.

Kanban style

Visualize your workflows, projects, and tasks.

Automated stand-ups

Easily share progress updates with your team.


See what’s complete, in progress, and coming up.


Visually and functionally easy to understand.


Keep conversations attached to tasks.


Break tasks into smaller steps.


See who is assigned to which tasks.

Multiple assignments

When team members work on tasks together.


Include valuable docs and images with the task.

Filter and search

Easily find what you’re looking for.

Team sprint views

For smarter traffic and workload management.


Categorize tasks to make them clearer at a glance.

Project templates

No need to start from scratch — try a template.


Add or remove team members on projects.

Get your whole team on the right track — completely free

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