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kanban boards

Kanban Boards

Avoid repetitive, time-draining tasks with a mix of automation and collaboration tools.

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Automated Workflows

Create workflows that automatically assign the right person to the task when it moves to the next step.


See who's assigned to each task or add followers so they get regular updates on the project.

Time tracking

Know how much time was spent on each task, so it’s easy to compare the hours worked to your estimates.

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agile sprints in Hubstaff Tasks

Agile sprints

Boost focus and banish distractions with a simplified approach to Sprint planning.

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View from above

See everything your team is working on and spot projects that are taking longer than expected.

Toggle filters

Display just the Sprints you're part of or filter them by specific team members and teams.

Visual deadlines

See how many days, tasks, and estimated hours remain in each Sprint. Then use that information to adjust plans as needed.

agile epics


Break monster projects into manageable chunks by grouping related tasks into Epics.

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Time estimates

Keep your team on track by comparing the hours they worked to the hours you estimated for each Epic.

Quick details

See the completed and remaining tasks for each Epic. Then drill down for more details on time estimates and assignees.


Place your Epics into folders to organize your workload. You can also toggle between completed and open Epics.

roadmap overview


See every project, every task, and every team member on the job. It's like a Gantt chart, but with a few extra perks.

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See what everyone is working on in a single view. This makes it easy to rearrange Tasks if bottlenecks are spotted.

Overdue alerts

Overdue and soon-to-be-due projects will appear in red on the timeline, so no due date will ever slip by unnoticed.

Detailed views

Switch between days, weeks, and months in your timeline so you always know what's coming up next.

Drag-and-drop tasks

View all the unscheduled tasks and then drag and drop them into a timeline. You can also group tasks by assignee or project.

Multiple filters

Filter tasks by team members, teams or projects to get a variety of views that help you make informed decisions.

Toggle to Kanban

Go from the Roadmap view to Kanban boards with a click. It's a quick way to see your team's workload from different perspectives.

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See how the Roadmap view helps you keep tabs on everything.

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Automated Stand-ups

Get quick daily or weekly updates from your team without having to ask.

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Scheduled reminders

Schedule automated email reminders for team members, so you never have to pester them about checking in.


Set standup reminders and notifications for everyone or just the team leads.

Tasks view

See how many days, tasks, and estimated hours remain in each Sprint. Then use that information to adjust plans as needed.

personal to-dos

Personal To-Do list

Keep track of smaller day-to-day jobs with a private to-do list built right into Hubstaff Tasks.

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Quick add

Add a to-do the moment it comes up with just a few clicks. Then set a due date so you get alerts when the deadline nears.

Filter categories

View your personal to-dos alongside your assigned tasks for larger projects. Then keep tabs on what's coming up next.

Completed view

Toggle to see everything you've accomplished in a specific timeframe or for a specific project.

project management templates

40+ Templates

Start faster and finish stronger with pre-built workflows that set up automatically.

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Instantly set up workflows for bug tracking, product development, web design, and other projects.


Get templates that make it easier to run A/B tests, manage blogs, or create ad campaigns.


Bring out the best in your team with productivity-enchanting workflows, such as the MoSCoW and Pomodoro techniques.

combine Hubstaff Tasks with Hubstaff

Time tracking & reporting

Combine Hubstaff Tasks with Hubstaff to unlock advanced time tracking features for making data-driven decisions.

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Time clock

Install the time tracker app on any device or track time from your browser. All the data feeds directly into Hubstaff Tasks.

Detailed reports

Understand what tasks are dragging down your team's productivity, so you can find and fix the problems.

Pay rates

Set pay rates for your team members to identify which tasks are delivering the biggest ROI.

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