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Performance Review
This workflow will help you keep track of employee performance reviews so your good employees are rewarded and those that need direction get it.
Lists: Needs review, Scheduling, Preparing, Ready for review, Reviewing, Done
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A/B Testing
This workflow was designed to help you manage A/B marketing tests so you will be able to easily track winners in campaigns.
Lists: Ideas, Implement, In progress, Winners, No winner, Completed
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Blog Management
Manage your complete blogging workflow in a simple and effective way.
Lists: Directions, Topics, Being written, Graphics, Editing, Review, Scheduled, Published
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Bug Tracking
This workflow was designed to streamline bug and issue tracking so you can ensure fixes are made as efficiently as possible when necessary.
Lists: Open, Assigned, In progress, Fixed, Not fixing
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Content Amplification Process
Manage your complete content promotion workflow in the simplest way possible.
Lists: Ready for distribution, Assign, Promote, Analyze, Feedback, Second promotion, Record results, Done
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Customer Case Studies
Getting case studies for your products is a powerful way to develop trust with potential customers.
Lists: Customers, Contacting, In progress, Finished, Not using, No response
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Customer Support Process
Manage customer support requests from beginning to end so nothing falls through the cracks.
Lists: New, Assigned, In progress, More information, Awaiting reply, Resolved, Reopened, Closed
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Demonstrations and walkthroughs can help give potential customers a quick look at your product or service to see if it’s a good fit for them.
Lists: Potential customers, Scheduling, Preparing, In progress, Testing, Following up, Done
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Keeping track of new features and bugs is critical in the development process.
Lists: Icebox, Backlog, In Progress, In Review, Done
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Email Broadcast
Easily manage your email broadcasts from concept to sending.
Lists: Topics, Content, Design, Proof and preview, Schedule, Sent
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Event Planning
Successful event planning takes a huge amount of preparation.
Lists: Ideas, Researching, Booking, Confirming, Scheduled, Completed
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Expense Tracking
This will help you track and organize all your expenses so you don't have to scramble to keep them in order.
Lists: Expenses, Submitted, Review, Log, Add to invoice, Done
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Extreme Programming
If your organization is using or considering using extreme programming for your development process, this template will help you get up and running in no time.
Lists: Plan, Design, Code, Testing, Customer testing, Feedback, Release
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Facebook Advertising
Manage your Facebook advertising campaigns and quickly learn which are effective and which aren’t.
Lists: Audience analysis, Competition analysis, Cost analysis, Offer ad copy, Media development, Running, Optimization, Not running
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Feature Roadmap
This workflow will help you log customer feature requests so you can prioritize them and eventually add them to your product or pass on them.
Lists: Features, Reviewing, Short-term, Long-term, In progress, Released, Closed
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Getting Things Done
Getting Things Done is a task management methodology developed to help take control of all the busy aspects of life.
Lists: Capture, Clarify, Organize, Actionable, Single step, Two minutes, Engage, Done, Reflect, Waiting, Schedule, Not actionable
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Google Advertising
Managing your Google advertising campaigns is difficult when you have so many running.
Lists: Keyword research, Competition analysis, Cost analysis, Ad development, Running, Optimization, Not running
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Manage and organize your hiring process with workflows.
Lists: Applied, Sent screening questions, Received positive response, Asked for references, Emailed references, Screening Interview, Test Hire, Hired, Possible hire for future, Not Hiring
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IT Support
This workflow was designed to help you manage IT support requests as they are reported and get escalated to specialists until they are solved.
Lists: Cases, 1st level support, 2nd level support, Fixing, Solved
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Knowledge Centered Support
This workflow will help you offer customer service inspired by the knowledge centered support methodology.
Lists: Customer requests, Search support, Create support article, Improve support article, Responding, Close
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Link-building Process
Manage your link-building process workflow in an easy way.
Lists: Campaigns, Collect links, Collect contact details, Outreach, Reporting, Done
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List Building Process
Building and managing a list is one of the most important aspects of marketing.
Lists: Ideas, Creating offers, Implementing offers, Running, Done, Paused
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MoSCoW Method
The MoSCoW method is a project management methodology designed to help you rank certain tasks in order of priority to ensure the most important tasks are completed.
Lists: Tasks, Must, Should, Could, Would, Doing, Done, Not doing
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New Hire Onboarding
Efficiently bringing new hires up to speed can greatly improve your return on investment in them.
Lists: Hires, Introduction, Training, Assign tasks, Review progress, Finish
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Podcast Management
Manage your complete podcasting workflow in a simple and effective way.
Lists: Potential Guests, Contact Guest, Schedule Time, Send Agenda + Add to Skype, Conduct the Interview, Edit Audio, Write Show Notes, Publish + Promote Podcast, Repurpose Content, Published
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Pomodoro Technique
The Pomodoro Technique is a task management methodology designed to improve productivity in a fun way.
Lists: Activities, Estimating time, Recapping, Working on, Reviewing, Done
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Product Development
This product development workflow will help you organize product ideas from concept to release.
Lists: Ideas, Evaluating, Testing concept, Testing marketability, In development, Done, Not doing
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Project Management
This is a standard project management workflow to help you better manage projects from start to completion.
Lists: Concept, Planning, In progress, Evaluate, Closed, Needs work
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A solid quality assurance process is necessary before releasing new products and features to customers.
Lists: In code review, Pending Issues, To Do, Testing, Completed
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Sales CRM
Manage your sales workflow in a lightweight way.
Lists: Lead, Contacted, Followup, Demo, Negotiating, Won, Lost
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SEO Audit
This workflow will help organize SEO audits from the beginning to the end.
Lists: Sites, Crawling sites, Site structure, On-page ranking analysis, Off-page ranking analysis, Competitive analysis, Done
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Social Media Content
Manage your complete social media workflow in a simple and effective way.
Lists: Ideas, Research, Write Content, Create Images, Schedule, Done
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This sprint workflow will help manage your team's priorities.
Lists: To-do, Current, Carryover, Done
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Manage your workflows using Kanban.
Lists: Ideas, Backlog, Current, Review, Approved
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Technical Support
Hubstaff’s technical support process allows us to track customer support feature requests and issues when they come in.
Lists: User requests - Low priority, User requests - High priority, Current outstanding issues, Issues that have been solved
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To-do List
Manage your to-dos Kanban style. It’s simple, easy and flexible.
Lists: To-dos, Doing, Done
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Video Marketing
This workflow will help your video marketing process so you can continue to put out high quality video content that will drive sales and improve your brand.
Lists: Ideas, Developing message, Producing, Editing, Scheduling, Promote and share, Done
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Website Design
This website design workflow will help you organize new web design projects.
Lists: Client, Site goals, Site structure, Design, Feedback, Fixes, Completed
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