Hubstaff Tasks: A better alternative to Basecamp

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Hubstaff Tasks vs Basecamp

Why choose Hubstaff Tasks

Weekly Sprints

Work at your own pace

See what needs to get done week-to-week and check a project’s status at a glance with progress bars, assignees, custom tags, budgets, and due dates. Basecamp allows you make things like To-do lists and message boards but, there isn’t any formal project management strategy built-in.
Hubstaff Tasks weekly sprints
Automated Workflows

Simplify the process

While Basecamp doesn’t offer a Kanban process, Tasks allows you to create custom boards and move your projects through a truly Agile workflow and will automatically assign team members as a task moves along in the process with just one click.
Hubstaff Tasks automated workflows
Daily standups

Stay up-to-date

Ask the three oh-so-important Agile questions — What did you work on today? What will you work on tomorrow? Have you run into any roadblocks? Basecamp allows you to show a team’s activity but it doesn’t provide detailed information on everyone’s work and isn’t truly Agile.
Hubstaff Tasks automated standups
Hubstaff Tasks features

The difference between Hubstaff Tasks and Basecamp

Basecamp has a few useful features but they lack the follow-through that companies need to be efficient. Hubstaff Tasks utilizes the best of the Agile methodology, so your team can maximize their productivity without sacrificing how your business is run.
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Switching to Hubstaff Tasks

Switching to Hubstaff Tasks

Give your team the best chance of maximizing their productivity. Migrating over from Basecamp to Hubstaff Tasks is simple. In just a few minutes, you can use Hubstaff Tasks to create projects, schedule stand-ups, automate your workflow, and increase your productivity.
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Choose the best that Agile has to offer

Run your team smarter with Hubstaff Tasks’ automations and better project management.
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