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tasks vs asana

Why Hubstaff Tasks

Weekly Sprints

Prioritize your work
You can set up custom weekly sprints so everyone knows what needs to get done and team members can stay on track. Asana’s sprints aren’t customizable and only have set due dates.
weekly sprints in Hubstaff Tasks

Automated Workflows

Stay on track
Moving a project through a workflow in Asana is very manual. When you move a project from one column to another in Hubstaff Tasks, it will automatically assign the task to whoever you want, in a single click.
automated workflows

True Agile Standups

Be up to date
Hubstaff Tasks is the only software that offers truly automated Agile standups. This allows you and your team to check-in and make sure everyone is being efficient with their time, projects are on track, and any foreseeable roadblocks are accounted for.
agile standups

The difference between Hubstaff Tasks and Asana

While Asana has some attractive features, Hubstaff Tasks builds on those ideas and makes them a better fit for any size of business. Hubstaff Tasks is the best of what Agile has to offer — utilizing the power of Scrum, Kanban boards, and sprints — all in one simple app that doesn’t get in the way of getting your work done.
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Moving to Hubstaff Tasks

You don’t have to change the way your team works to run it more smoothly. Migrating over from Asana to Hubstaff Tasks is simple and, within a few minutes, you can use Hubstaff Tasks to assign projects, schedule stand-ups, prioritize work, and simplify your team’s workflow.
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