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Manage sprints with Hubstaff Tasks tool

A Sprint planning tool that makes Agile easier

Set up Sprints, add team members, and then pull tasks into set blocks of work. Everyone will know what they need to complete during that time frame.

Sprint backlogs help you plan ahead

Have tasks ready to go in the backlog and simplify Sprint management. Drag and drop the tasks you want to tackle next into current or upcoming Sprints, and assign them to the right people.

Fulfill your (user) story

Fill in key task details so the team can get a sense of what’s in each Sprint. Include user stories within each task, checklists, due dates, and more so everyone stays focused on the goals.

Keep your team focused,
productive, and happy

automate sprint management

Added automation means less busywork

Sprints that run on auto-pilot

Sprints start and end automatically based on the duration you set. Get email reminders when tasks are due or if timelines aren’t upheld.

Stay up-to-date with Stand-ups

Get project updates without having to ask. Set auto-reminders that nudge team members to submit daily or weekly Stand-ups, so you’re never left in the dark.

Agile Sprints and so much more

Customizable settings

Choose Sprint duration, teams, projects, and more.

Kanban boards

Start with a backlog, to do, and done columns or create custom workflows.

Automated workflows

Assign the right team members to the right tasks automatically.

Agile Epics

Organize small, related tasks into Epics to keep your team focused and productive.

Tasks roll over

Uncompleted tasks stay in the current sprint if they’re not done.

Time tracking

See time spent on each task and compare it to budgeted hours.

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