Complete your projects more efficiently

Take control of your workflows and project management using Agile sprints inside Hubstaff Tasks.
automated agile stand-ups

All your tasks in one view

Focus on what’s important

Sprints are short bursts of focused work. They help you see what tasks are most important to complete week to week and help you organize and prioritize future projects as they progress.

The perfect overview

Think of it like your birds-eye-view of your business workflow. Agile sprints let you easily see what’s being accomplished week to week, what projects may need more time to complete, and specifically who is working on which tasks.
agile sprints give you birds-eye view of your workflow

Measure your team’s progress

Using sprints you can stay on top of your team’s progress with customizable dates and deadlines.

Keep projects organized

Hubstaff Tasks prompts team members to add their updates on a regular basis. Identify roadblocks and see progress without having to check-in.
project management for smooth team collaboration

Stay on track

Easily know how many days you have left in your sprint and add estimates to individual tasks.
easily break bigger tasks into checklist items

Never miss a due date

Quickly know how many hours your team has to log to complete your ongoing tasks.
show just the tasks that matter to specific team members

Sprints, plus so much more

100% free

100% free

Hubstaff Tasks is free for teams of up to 5 users.

Simple Design

Simple Design

Straight-forward and easy-to-use with only the features you need.


Automated workflows

It only takes one click to move a project forward.

Agile methodology

Agile methodology

We've used the best parts of Agile practices for better project outcomes.
Automated stand-ups

Automated stand-ups

Stay in the loop with team updates and ongoing projects.

Centralize Collaboration

Centralize Collaboration

Make comments, build checklists, add attachments, set labels, and more.

So much control, all in one app

Sync your work between Hubstaff and Hubstaff Tasks to get the best of Agile project management and easy-to-use time tracking. Use both in tandem to see which tasks are profitable or over budget, build better work estimates, and track time towards certain projects. Together, they’re unbeatable.
sync Hubstaff and HubstaffTasks

Start using stand-ups within Hubstaff Tasks.

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