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Jira or Hubstaff team collaboration

Why Hubstaff Tasks

Automated Workflows

Simplify your process

Your project management tool shouldn’t make managing your team harder. When you move a job from one column to another in your Hubstaff Tasks agile workflow, it will automatically assign any team members you need at that step in the process. Jira makes this entire process manual and, as a result, more time-consuming.
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Visual progress

Everything you need to know

You don’t need to click a thing to easily see how your tasks are progressing. Simply look at your Kanban boards or sprints page to see how a project’s progress bars are advancing along. To see something similar in Jira, you’d have to navigate between their reporting area and project areas, which is a total hassle.
automated workflows
Effective Standups

Be in the know

Keep your team moving effectively and working efficiently by setting agile daily standups and hit the three key Agile project management questions: “What did you do yesterday?”, “What are you doing today?”, and “Do you have any roadblocks?” While Jira lets you attach third-party add-ons to their program that allow for standups, with Hubstaff Tasks this handy feature comes baked in and ready for your team.
automated standups
sprint team management software

The difference between Hubstaff Tasks and Jira

Jira is a nice piece of project management software for developers but doesn’t quite hit the mark for other types of teams. As an alternative, Hubstaff Tasks is built for any business — regardless of their size or industry. It utilizes the best of Agile, so your team — even a development team — can get work done effectively all from one easy-to-use application.
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Switching to Hubstaff Tasks

Your team shouldn’t have to settle for one way to manage projects. Migrating everything over from Jira to Hubstaff Tasks is simple and, within a few minutes, you can use Hubstaff Tasks to assign tasks, schedule stand-ups, simplify your team’s workflow, and begin working efficiently.
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