Visualize plans with project timelines

The project management timeline tool that helps you map out projects and stay on track.
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project timeline tool

The Gantt chart view you need to plan perfect projects

Get everyone on the same page by visualizing project timelines. Then, easily move things around when changes need to happen.
Resource planning

Plan resources and balance workloads better

Avoid overloading team members by seeing what’s on everyone’s list in one clear view. When the tasks start piling up, simply move them around or reassign them.
Need more resources to get a project done on time? The timeline view lets you see if your team’s task list is too long at any time.
plan resources and workloads better
Clean visuals

Visualize projects

Every project manager knows that the tiniest delays can derail a project. By visualizing project timelines, you can see how deadline changes influence future tasks, and move them around as needed.
Jump from the Kanban board to a project timeline view in one click. See where a task is in your workflow, and how close you are to the deadline, by toggling between views.
Having the flexibility to be Agile without any major surprises — that’s the goal.
visualize projects
Detailed views

Zoom in and out

There’s a reason successful teams love Gantt charts. Being able to look ahead and see what’s coming is key to meeting expectations and delivering on time.
Toggle between days, weeks, months, and quarters in your timeline. You can also drag and drop, add new and move tasks around from any of these views.
gantt chart timeline

Get a bird’s-eye view on project’s status

Who’s working on that project? And when can you expect to see it wrapped up? Check the timeline view, which gives managers and stakeholders insight into milestones and project statuses.
timeline view
timelines help you spot overdue tasks

Spot overdue tasks from a mile away

Ideally, you won’t have overdue tasks. But we know how it goes. Projects shift, and being able to easily identify at-risk or overdue tasks is key to knowing where to focus your efforts. Overdue tasks are highlighted in the timeline view so it’s clear right away.

Extra features that make all the difference

  • Group tasks by assignee or project
  • Jump to today
  • Coming soon: View by start or end date
  • Coming soon: Skip weekends for scheduling

Never miss a task

Get a list of unscheduled tasks and drag-and-drop them into your timeline. No task goes unnoticed or unassigned.
unscheduled tasks

Timelines, plus so much more

Free for five

Free for five

Hubstaff Tasks is free for teams of up to 5 users.

Visual design

Visual design

Clear and easy for everyone on the team to understand.



Focus on your most important tasks.

Agile methodology

Agile methodology

Relying on the best Agile practices for better project management.
Kanban boards

Kanban boards

Automate your workflow and view all of your tasks in one place.

Automated Stand-ups

Automated Stand-ups

Get updates from your team delivered daily.
integrate time tracking with project management

Integrate time tracking for more detailed management

Connect Hubstaff Tasks with Hubstaff time tracking for an even more streamlined experience. See hours spent on each task, create smarter estimates, and get detailed timesheets with the Hubstaff integration.

Deliver as planned with project timelines

Manage workloads, plan better, and make progress with Hubstaff Tasks. It’s the Agile project management tool built with simplicity and function in mind.
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