Organize work in an Epic fashion

Group subtasks together and manage big, Agile projects with ease.

Hubstaff Tasks Agile Epics

What is an Epic?

In Agile, an Epic is a collection of smaller subtasks gathered into one overarching view. It’s a smart way to tackle large projects by breaking them down into manageable steps.

Break it down, get it done

Epics consist of tasks that are broken out and added to your team members’ individual Sprints. Having one central hub makes it easy to pick up a task and move the project forward.

project management subtasks

Budget time and resources better

Plan resources and budgets with Epics’ built-in time estimates and due dates. Track time in Hubstaff Tasks or with a Hubstaff integration so you can see time spent against budgeted hours. As tasks get completed, you can adjust and add resources.

Looking for answers? You’ll find them in Agile Epics

Due dates

Meet deadlines

Add one overarching due date, plus assign specific dates to each task. Completed tasks get crossed off within the Epic.

meet deadlines

Stay updated


Check-in with your team and post general updates in the comments. Mention any team members so they’ll know to respond. Plus, emojis.

stay updated

Owners and followers

Encourage ownership

Who’s taking the lead? Assign project owners to the Epic so everyone knows who to contact with questions. You can also add followers to build your project team.

encourage ownership

Organize tasks


Easily scan and group tasks by adding labels. It’s one more layer of organization to save you time.

organize tasks
Overdue epics

Make decisions based on your data

From the Hubstaff dashboard, you can dig into over 17 different reports that break down how your team operates and tasks get completed. Check budgets, hours spent on each task, time tracked by team members, and more so that you can make the best decisions.

An all-in-one Agile app

Give your team a productive yet iterative workflow with Hubstaff Tasks. Improve collaboration, communication, and output with its built-in Agile features such as Sprints and Stand-ups.

Hubstaff Tasks sprints

Who uses Epics?

Really, any team that’s taking on a multi-step process. That could be:

Dedicated Sprints

Dedicated Sprints

Focused, time-based lists for each team member.

Easy Stand-ups

Easy Stand-ups

Get automated daily updates from your team.

Free for five

Free for five

Hubstaff Tasks is free for teams of up to five.

Streamlined workflows

Streamlined workflows

Keep everything moving forward — automatically.
Detailed comments

Detailed comments

Mention team members and add updates.

Full descriptions

Full descriptions

Summarize the Epic and link it to relevant files.

Epic work is waiting

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