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Moving quickly and ensuring client satisfaction is a huge part of the marketing game. With Hubstaff Tasks, you can manage marketing planning, team collaboration, and processes through a workflow that makes sense for your team, not one designed for someone else's.

Workflows that help you work

Forget having to remember who’s next on a project. Move your tasks through the workflow and our agile marketing software will automatically assign whoever needs to be on that project next.
Hubstaff Tasks agile workflows

Sprints that get you moving

Marketing work management simplified. At a glance, you can easily see who’s working on what projects, how far along they are, when they’re due, and assign custom tags and budgets.

Company-wide stand-ups

Stand-ups allow you to be in the know, without scheduling excessive meetings. Each day, marketing team members will let you know what they’re working on today, tomorrow, and if there are any holdups in their process.

Hassle-free templates

With over 40 project templates, you and your team can get a jump start on new projects or simply start from scratch.
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What our customers love about Tasks

See how other marketing teams have used Hubstaff Tasks to become more efficient.

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Use Hubstaff Tasks to simply your marketing team’s projects.
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