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Hubstaff Tasks project management utilizes the best of the Agile methodologies to help your development team work more efficiently. Your team can create tasks and move them through a simple and intuitive workflow that keeps your projects moving and teams on track.

Dynamic sprints

Tasks agile tool for software teams lets you see everything you need to get done that week, and what’s to come. From the sprints view, you can see who’s working on what, how far along any project is, and even add custom tags, due dates, and estimates.
Hubstaff Tasks agile workflows

Automated workflows

Streamline your software development workflow and move your projects as Tasks automatically assigns the next member in the process. Go from code review to QA easily with one click.

Custom weekly

Always be in the know and make sure your development team is being efficient with their time by asking the three essential Agile questions: What did you work on today? What will you work on tomorrow? Have you run into any roadblocks?

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