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A company-wide Roadmap that
cuts down on surprises

online roadmap feature lets you see all projects in one place

See all of your projects in one place

Plan out all of your initiatives across the organization. Sync up teams from marketing to development by bringing different projects into one timeline view. Avoid surprises along the way with easier, more thorough planning.

Prioritize and align on objectives

Help your team see where they should spend their time and energy. The visual Roadmap makes it clear what your focus will be in the coming months and year.

Avoid overloading your team

For teams that share resources, the Roadmap can ensure that you’re not double-booking anyone for crucial projects. View by individual team members, teams, or the entire company. Avoid bottlenecks that happen when too many projects pile up with one person.

Dive into the details, zoom out, and never miss a beat

web-based roadmap software

Keep everyone moving forward, together

Web-based roadmap tool

There’s no need to save out your Roadmap to share it with teams and stakeholders. The roadmap software is web-based and updated in real-time. No more spreadsheets or special software to download on your device.

Built for transparency

Anyone in your organization can get to the Roadmap from the sidebar. This makes it easy for anyone to see what’s coming up and what they should be working on. There aren’t special permissions needed to access it.

Agile features for productive work


Roll tasks up into a larger Epic for better organization.


Submit automated daily recaps within Hubstaff Tasks.


Stay focused by breaking work up into manageable Agile Sprints.


Build and automate workflows within Kanban project boards.

Built for Agile

Features designed to help you embrace Agile project management.

product roadmap tool

More than a product Roadmap

You don’t have to be on a product team to use the Roadmap feature. Marketing pros, design teams, and developers all use the roadmap tool to align on initiatives and make progress together. Here are a few teams that can benefit from this way of working.

Product development


Agile teams

SaaS companies


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