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Track daily tasks alongside larger projects with a personal to-do list.

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Add items & get organized in seconds

Quick scheduling

Schedule a task for today, tomorrow or next week with a one click. It's much faster than scrolling through a calendar to find the right date.


Link your to-dos to documents or web pages so you can access your work instantly. This also keeps everything in one spot and makes it easier to stay organized.

Track big & small tasks in one spot

Multiple views

View your personal jobs next to your assigned tasks for team projects. That way, it's easier to keep track of everything you're working on.

Task reminders

Add tasks to your to-do list with one click. This helps you remember to check in on certain projects before the end of the day.
add tasks to your to-do list with one click
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Provide updates with one click

Here's the quickest way to keep everyone in the loop. Your team can update their weekly or daily standups instantly by importing all their completed to-dos with one click. This not only saves your team time, but also saves your managers from having to constantly ask for status reports.

To-do list features


Add due dates with one click by selecting today, tomorrow, this week or next week.


Keep everything in one spot by hyperlinking your to-dos to web pages and documents using simple markup.

Quick-fill standups

Update your daily or weekly standups by adding your completed to-dos with one click.

Add tasks

Click to add larger tasks to your to-do list, so you never forget to check up on projects.

All-in-one view

Get the full picture by seeing your personal to-dos alongside your larger tasks for team projects.


Check off completed to-dos or re-arrange tasks based on how soon they are due.

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