ActiveCollab time tracking

Get automatic time tracking for ActiveCollab tasks plus optional screenshots, activity levels, timesheets, and more.

ActiveCollab desktop timer

ActiveCollab time tracking app

The Hubstaff software was designed to integrate with your ActiveCollab workflow so your team can track their time spent working and you can have automatic reports generated. The app runs on all major operating systems.

Sync Hubstaff and ActiveCollab for streamlined time tracking and task management

Syncing via API
ActiveCollab's API allows Hubstaff to remain updated automatically.
Track time on ActiveCollab tasks
Assign tasks in ActiveCollab, and your linked team members will see them in the Hubstaff app.
Small and lightweight
The Hubstaff app is small and uses minimal system resources.
ActiveCollab task time tracking with screenshots

ActiveCollab time tracking with screenshots and activity levels

Not only can you keep track of your team's exact time worked, but you can also see screenshots of what they are working on (up to three screenshots every ten minutes) and activity levels to show how active they were. This is all organized neatly so you can filter by date, team member, or project.

ActiveCollab time reports

Get accurate records of your team's activities

When your team tracks time using the Hubstaff app, automatic reports are generated. These reports contain the Hubstaff project they worked on, their exact time, the ActiveCollab tasks they worked on, notes, and more. You can customize these reports to suit your needs and then export or email them.

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Task time tracking

Track time on tasks, see activity levels, and monitor activity.

Connect your team

Link your team, assign and sync their tasks all in Hubstaff.

Connect projects

Link ActiveCollab projects, track time on projects, and see tracked time in reports.

Sync tasks

Allow your team to track precise time on their assigned ActiveCollab tasks.

Quick setup

The guided setup will have your ActiveCollab account integrated in no time.

Edit time

Manual time allows you to add time that was not tracked by the Hubstaff app.

Integrate ActiveCollab with Hubstaff

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