Redbooth time tracking

Easily track time to Redbooth tasks with Hubstaff, boost productivity with screenshots and activity levels, and keep accurate records with detailed reporting.

Hubstaff desk client

Automatic Redbooth time tracking

Hubstaff was designed for easy Redbooth task time tracking and will run as a desktop app on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Screenshot activity

Track time on Redbooth tasks with activity levels and screenshots

When you integrate Hubstaff with Redbooth, you'll be able to more efficiently manage your teams. See what they're working on, how much time they spend working on their tasks, and have accurate reports automatically generated.

Redbooth oAuth authorization

Keep tasks and time tracking synced

After approving the integration, your Hubstaff users and projects will stay linked with Redbooth. Any time you assign a new task on Redbooth, it will be pulled into the assigned user's Hubstaff app so they can track time against it.

Hubstaff notes

Redbooth task notes

Your team can describe what they are working on by adding notes into Hubstaff's app. You can view these notes in Hubstaff, or you can include them in Hubstaff reports for external use.

Daily work summary

Complete reporting for external or internal use

Hubstaff reports give you a complete picture of how your team spends their time. View the projects that are worked on, how much overall time is spent on them, and the individual Redbooth tasks that are worked on each day. You can also view activity levels and notes, and email or download the reports.

Hubstaff + Redbooth

Hubstaff + Redbooth

Redbooth allows you to manage your team's projects and get more done with tasks. Hubstaff allows you to automatically track your time. Integrate them together and have a powerful way to manage your company online.

Hubstaff time tracking for Redbooth and much more

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Redbooth time tracking

Link Redbooth and Hubstaff projects and track precise time to the tasks.

Simple integration

Integrate Hubstaff with Redbooth and link unlimited projects with a quick and easy setup.

GPS location

Optional location tracking for field and mobile teams.

Link users

When Redbooth users are linked, they will see assigned tasks in Hubstaff's app.

Flexible timesheets

Give your team the ability to add or remove time manually if they need to.

Advanced settings

Hubstaff lets you set organization-wide or user-specific settings.

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