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When an onboarding company needs to streamline its process

Learn how Tallyfy used HS to make their company more efficient.

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Founded in 2015
to solve onboarding pain points
in St. Louis, Missouri
Provides onboarding
solutions for their clients
Operates a remote team
with employees all over the world

Changing the process

Tallyfy was tired of the old way of doing things. For as long as he could remember, Amit Kothari had worked at companies where the onboarding process was an absolute nightmare. “Who’s doing what?”, “What’s up next?”, and “Has anyone updated the client?” were questions he’d heard too many times for comfort. There had to be a better way of onboarding team members and clients to projects.

It should be simpler for people to document a process and track it. What’s the point of making a flow chart if no one is going to use it anyway? That’s why we started Tallyfy.

Amit Kothari / Co-founder of Tallyfy

Evolving the onboarding game

After seeing a need for improvement, Kothari and his team created Tallyfy, which helps people document, automate, and track recurring workflows that you’d see in any onboarding strategy.

Within Tallyfy you can create a blueprint for your onboarding process that can be reused. Meaning, once you create it, that process doesn’t go away, can be recycled for new clients and hires, and will improve as your business grows.

As a tech company, we were growing really quickly. We also have this remote workforce all over the place, so we needed a way to record time, account for time, and use that tracked time to bill clients.

Amit Kothari/ Co-founder of Tallyfy

Growing quickly

Tallyfy saw their clients’ approval processes shrinking and numbers increasing as theirs did, which began to create a problem. With an entirely remote workforce, they were losing track of their employees’ time and finding it harder to accurately pay them for all the work they were doing. Additionally, they didn’t have an easy time onboarding new team members. They needed to find an employee management solution that not only worked with their existing process, but one that their team could use no matter where they were.

Needing a solution

Tallyfy needed a program that not only solved their problems but also aligned with their philosophies as a company. They believed that work should both be challenging but shouldn’t interfere with their employees’ lives, which is why they chose to be a remote company. In the same vein, they believe that the future of work is in one's ability to work autonomously without too much hand-holding.

They needed a solution that both fixed their miscommunications company-side, but also a brand they could stand behind. They found both of these in Hubstaff.

Simple payroll and integrations

Because Kothari’s team is mostly remote — spanning countries all over the world — they needed a way to have their team members submit invoices, no matter the timezone, and be able to pay them from a couple of different services. Hubstaff allows you to do just that: Your team can submit their timesheets weekly and we’ll even remind them with weekly email notifications. And, with over 30 app integrations, you can pay your team however you choose.

Easy time tracking

Hubstaff makes it easy for anyone on your team to track time. Tallyfy needed a solution that could work for numerous kinds of people all with varying ways of getting their work done. Because you can choose how you’d like to track time — options varying from our desktop, web, and mobile apps — your team members don’t have to change the way they work to start using Hubstaff.

We are happy to work with Hubstaff because it enables us to have a team that can out-compete our competition.

Amit Kothari/ Co-founder of Tallyfy

Better activity tracking

Though Kothari trusts his people, it’s always nice to have an added level of security. Hubstaff’s time tracking has the added feature of activity tracking with optional screenshots, so management can see how productive everyone has been from week to week. “It’s great to know that we have this insurance policy that is running in the background,” says Kothari.

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“If we didn’t have Hubstaff,” says Kothari, “it would be chaos. I just literally wouldn’t know who is doing what. It’s one of the biggest enablers of our remote workforce.” Hubstaff allows Tallyfy not only to function with a remote team, but thrive with one. They can now easily pay their employees and onboard new ones, all without having to worry about the who, what, when, where, and why’s of it all.

“We believe — just like Hubstaff — that talent is everywhere and people should be able to work any time, anywhere, even in their pajamas,” says Kothari. “As a company, we believe in the same future of work as Hubstaff, which is great because our values align.”

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