Time tracking software helps you see employee schedules, how team members use their hours, and how they can be more productive. When looking for the right tool to meet your needs, the choice often comes down to Everhour vs. Hubstaff. 

Our detailed comparison investigates each feature offered by these powerful tools. You’ll also gain a glimpse into important factors like ease of use, price, and compatibility with other tools.

Which one is better?

Hubstaff and Everhour are time tracking software solutions that provide data on how employees use their time. Both tools integrate with popular applications and offer convenient monthly billing. 

Hubstaff is a cloud-based time tracking application for web, mobile, and desktop. In addition to time tracking, Hubstaff includes:

  • Activity levels

  • Scheduling

  • App and URL usage

  • Automatic payroll

  • Online timesheets

  • Location capabilities

  • GPS/geofencing 

  • Invoicing

Everhour also offers features like time tracking, like project budgeting, reporting, and invoicing. 

As you can see, Everhour and Hubstaff have similar feature sets. To understand which app is best for your organization, let's take a closer look at each feature.

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Hubstaff desktop application

Time tracking features


Hubstaff’s versatility makes it great for managing in-office, remote, and field teams. It’s available in many formats, including: 

Desktop - Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Mobile - Available on iOS and Android

Web - Track time in Google Chrome with the Chrome browser extension.

As soon as Hubstaff users start their timer, their work can be tracked to itemized timesheets. Employees can start and stop timers on their own. 

You can adjust idle time settings for you and your team. When teams step away from their device without stopping the timer, they'll receive a prompt that asks them to keep, discard, or reassign idle time. 

If employees forget to start or stop their timer, they can manually adjust their timesheets. Managers will have a detailed timesheet in their inboxes for easy payroll management. This process helps you gain insight into how employees spend their day. 

Automated attendance tracking adds another layer of accountability. You'll receive notifications when employees arrive late, leave early, or completely miss a shift. You can also set up a max budget and receive alerts when your team approaches its threshold.

No matter what industry you work in, Hubstaff is great for managing asynchronous work efficiently. You can even use the time clock while offline. Large and small businesses alike will love the time management benefits of this easy-to-use software.

Freelancer considering Everhour vs. Hubstaff


Everhour tracks time and has timesheet management features. It also helps you keep track of scheduled time off, project metrics, and expenses. 

Unlike Hubstaff, Everhour works primarily as a browser extension. It’s available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. It also offers a mobile app, but it’s only available for iOS at the moment. 

While there are no alerts related to idle time, managers can see when devices are inactive. You can set budgets and send time tracking reminders via email. Employee attendance features help you monitor if employees are on duty.

Like Hubstaff, you can add manual time to correct missed entries or errors.

Everhour is focused on in-depth time tracking features and can support small, medium, and large businesses.

Hubstaff screenshot dashboard

Productivity measurement & activity monitoring features


In addition to time tracking, Hubstaff provides several employee productivity and activity monitoring features.

You can customize your dashboard to see hours, earnings, and upcoming PTO. As a manager, you’ll also be able to see employee:

  • Activity levels

  • App and URL usage

  • Screenshots (optional)

  • Location

  • Projects

Employees can access their own data to set productivity goals. They’ll earn performance badges for hours worked, activity hot streaks, and productivity targets. They can then use this information to negotiate promotions, raises, and other career goals. 

Built-in GPS location tracking allows you to:

  • Set geofences for automatic clock-ins and clock-outs

  • Plan routes to Job sites

  • Manage rest and lunch breaks

Whether your team works in an office or out in the field, you’ll have useful employee monitoring metrics to help them reach their goals. 


Although Everhour focuses heavily on time tracking, it measures productivity as well. It allows you to create and manage tasks, gain visibility of task progress, and generate a project summary. 

The Everhour dashboard shows:

  • Who is currently working

  • Which employees have a day off

  • What tasks are complete or in-progress

Reporting features


Get access to screenshots, activity levels, app usage, and URL visits. In addition to real-time updates from the dashboard, Hubstaff also offers reports in CSV and PDF formats.

Currently, there are 20+ reports for:

  • Time and activity

  • Attendance

  • Time off

  • Budgeting

  • Expenses

You can customize reports by week, person, project, or client. Adjust filters, add custom line items, and send them out via email right from the Hubstaff web app. 


Everhour offers helpful reporting features like team time reports and project summaries. 

Examples of reports you can create include:

  • Timesheets

  • Project milestone reports

  • Time and task progress by member

  • Overtime report

Hubstaff invoicing features

Invoicing and billing features


Invoicing is simple with Hubstaff. You can set bill rates, create automatic line items, and add your own logos and branding.

Next, add recurring dates to deploy emails at weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly intervals. Once you’re set up, you can send them directly from the Hubstaff web app.

You can also export them as PDF, HTML, or CSV for your own record keeping. Payment integrations with PayPal, TransferWise, Bitwage, Payoneer, and Gusto can help you take care of the rest.


Everhour automatically adds your company logo and extracts client details from their profile. You can also create free-form invoices to manually update this information. Invoices can then be sent directly through Everhour or exported to accounting tools.

Everhour vs. Hubstaff project budgeting features

Hubstaff reporting features

Project budgeting


Set a budget for each project based on total hours or costs per project. You can filter budgets by project with set billing rates.

Review budgets anytime to see totals, amounts spent, and the remaining budget for each project. 

Send budget reports to one or more email recipients. Reports can also be scheduled to be sent automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, scheduled for a specific time, or exported as a PDF or CSV file.


Set up a fixed fee or recurring budget for all your projects. You can set budgets by hour or cost. Then, track related expenses to bill the client and evaluate spending.

Calendar view in Hubstaff



Hubstaff allows you to plan employee schedules, hours, attendance, and time off. Schedules can be set for an entire team using a calendar view and repeated weekly. Managers can also generate alerts to note late, missed, or abandoned shifts.


Everhour doesn’t offer scheduling features on its flagship app. They do offer a separate "Schedule" add-on.

Hubstaff location tracking and geofencing

Location tracking and geofences


Hubstaff's GPS features help you optimize your field team. You can plan quick and cost-effective paths to different Job sites with route tracking.

Geofences help you automate clock-ins and clock-outs. Employees' work hours adjust automatically whenever they enter or leave a Job site.

Explore the dashboard to see where your employees are in real time. The location-specific map lets you check in on teams from afar. 


Everhour does not offer GPS location tracking or geofencing features at this time.

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Ease of use

The ease of use between Hubstaff and Everhour is a close race. Both tools are simple to install and track time with. Intuitive user preferences make both choices effective for attendance tracking, invoicing, and reporting. 

Both Hubstaff and Everhour offer numerous integrations that allow you to make payments, manage projects, and master customer support. 


Hubstaff’s UI/UX is clean and easy to use. You won’t have to spend considerable time training employees on niche functionality. They’ll be able to track time and switch between web, desktop, and mobile without losing a second of tracked time.

Gordon P.  / GetApp

Nice abilities, the user interface is easy to work with, and work time is clearly displayed.


Everhour has a sleek design with some easy-to-use features. Like Hubstaff, employees will have an easy time navigating Everhour’s interface. On the downside, Everhour’s customization requires a lot of manual input. You won’t be able to pull reports and generate timesheets easily like you can with other tools.

Daniel A.  / GetApp

I use [Everhour] regularly to keep track of project timelines and estimates. I sometimes get confused where some of the admin features live. Having the tabs in tabs I can get a bit lost finding what tab contains timesheets or reports.

Hubstaff integrations


The Everhour vs. Hubstaff debate also extends to your company's unique workflow. See which tool best fits your tech stack based on its available integrations.


Hubstaff Tasks



Active Collab

































Everhour vs. Hubstaff:
Which one is right for you?

Hubstaff and Everhour are both high-value tools that provide businesses with comprehensive time tracking features that are easy to use. They both integrate with popular apps and work across various industries. Both tools also provide intuitive task management and expense tracking features. 

When it comes to Everhour vs. Hubstaff, choosing the right time tracking tool for your organization will likely depend on the level of mobility and activity tracking you need. 

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