GPS location tracking ensures accuracy
Geofences automatically clock crews in and out
Automated time cards minimize admin work
Hubstaff works like a traditional time clock system

How the GPS time clock app works

Team members download the app

Send employees a link using Hubstaff and they can install the app on their phones immediately.

Their time & location is monitored

See what routes employees took to the job and when they clocked in and out with the mobile time tracking app.

Timesheets are built automatically

Timesheets are generated for each employee based on the hours tracked each day.

Use a time tracking software
with geofence

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Save on payroll and admin costs with automated GPS timesheets

GPS timesheets

No more paperwork or chasing down time cards

Automate the creation of time cards based on GPS time tracking data for each employee. That means you'll never have to deal with incomplete or incorrect time cards.

Accurate GPS tracking reduces labor costs

No more forgetting to clock in and clock out, buddy punching or hour-padding. When your timesheets are based on GPS tracking data, you'll pay only for hours that were actually worked.

Better job costing for precise estimates

Better understand how many hours go into each job, so you can build more accurate timesheets.

Integrates with:

Hubstaff gives you:

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Quick insights

Better understand what types of jobs generate the most profit.

30+ integrations

Integrates with the most popular accounting, invoicing and project management software.

Online scheduling

Create one-time or recurring shifts for your crew and get automatic attendance alerts.

Timesheet approvals

Review time cards before sending payments for added accuracy.

24/7 support

Get answers and 1-on-1 help when you need it.

Jobs and work orders

Create work orders and schedule jobs for your crew.

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Javier Enciso Jr. / Founder and President ENC Construction and Development

Hubstaff solves the problem of having to track workers manually and helps us budget better. It helps me know how many hours workers are at a job site from start to finish. This app makes it all easier.

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