There never seems to be enough time in the day. Fortunately, the best time tracking apps for iPhone can help you keep track and manage the limited time you have.

With an overwhelming amount of options to choose from, how can you decide which iPhone time tracker is right for you? Even when you find a tool you want to try, the price might come as a shock.

Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. We sat down and researched the ten best time tracking apps for the iPhone. Each of these apps has a free version, and they’re all free to download.

All of these applications are great choices that are sure to improve your time tracking workflow.

Before you get started, take a look at our criteria for the best time tracking apps for iPhone.

Table of contents

  1. Hubstaff
  2. Timewerks
  3. TrackingTime
  4. Hours Keeper
  5. HoursTracker
  6. TimeTag
  7. Worktime Tracker
  8. Toggl Track
  9. Harvest
  10. ATracker

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Why do you need to keep track of your team’s work hours?

Keeping track of how your team spends time at work is important for running a business. It helps teams use time and resources efficiently. Plus, your team members will have an easy way to clock in and out on their iPhones.

Time spent traveling between job sites

According to our recent construction study, 56% of managers spend 11 hours every week traveling between job sites to check on their crews. That’s more than a quarter of every workweek spent checking in with crews.

Field teams need a way to stay connected with the office when they’re on the go. A good time tracking app for iPhone with GPS tracking features gives you that much-needed visibility. You can see where your team is, track whether or not they’re on time for shifts, and get alerts if anyone is out of place.

If you work with clients, automatic time tracking keeps you profitable. Your billing becomes more accurate, and it’s easier to manage how long you spend on each project. In this sense, time tracking data gives you an edge over your competition.

Find out more about the benefits of time tracking here.

Tracking your time should be easy and convenient. You’ll cut corners or stop altogether if it’s too much work. Find a tool that does what you need without becoming a chore.

Our criteria for the best iPhone time tracking apps

We used the following criteria to pick the best iPhone time tracking and timesheet apps:

  1. Free to download
  2. Easy to use without training
  3. Task-based
  4. Usable across multiple devices
  5. Built-in reporting features to help you work smarter

Our list also includes apps that have a paid version for teams that need more functionality.

Free time tracking iPhone apps are great, but some teams can benefit from a richer set of features like payroll integration and GPS tracking.

Best time tracking apps for iPhone

Based on the criteria above, here are the top contenders for best time tracking apps with timesheets for iPhone.

1. Hubstaff


We might be biased here, but we truly believe we have created the best time tracking app for iPhone, but don’t just take our word for it. We’re trusted by 40,000+ businesses.

Hubstaff time tracking app for iPhone is popular with field service companies, remote teams, and freelancers.

Our iOS time tracking app works with iOS 9.0 or later and runs on iPhone, desktop, and other mobile devices.

This iPhone app was designed to be simple but powerful. You’ll find the features intuitive and easy to use.

To get more out of this app, pair it with the desktop version. You won’t need to worry about losing your data as you switch devices. Time tracked on your iPhone will automatically sync across devices.

Hubstaff for field teams

Hubstaff iPhone app for field teams

Hubstaff’s iPhone app is great for creating unbiased proof of work reports. Tracked time is an impartial way to show managers (or even clients) that you’re working when you say you are. Attach images to jobs and work orders to keep your records organized.

This iPhone time tracker also has live and past map views for field teams that are constantly in motion. Thanks to its GPS tracking feature, you’ll always know where your technicians are and who is nearby to help out. It also helps staff give accurate arrival times for clients.

One of the most popular premium features for field teams is the ability to use location data to automate timesheets.

When a crew member gets to a job site, the timer starts automatically. With help from the app’s geofencing feature, they’ll be clocked out when it’s time to leave for the day.

This tracked time is then sent to your payroll provider so that you get accurate timesheets with limited admin work.

Managers can add manual time and approve timesheets with one click. The Hubstaff app integrates with FreshBooks, QuickBooks, PayPal, and other payroll providers to turn timesheet approvals into paychecks with ease.

You can even manage timesheets right from your iPhone.

Hubstaff mobile timesheets

Hubstaff features

  • Accurately track time by project
  • Data syncs between the iPhone app and your other devices
  • Automatically generate online timesheets and reports
  • Work orders and job notes help organize customer info
  • GPS and location tracking
  • Track time seamlessly with geofenced time tracking
  • Payroll integrations to set hourly rates and easily pay team members for tracked hours


Hubstaff is a free time tracking app for individual users. Managers can track time, view activity levels, and handle basic payments using the free plan.

If you need more users or more advanced features, consider one of the team plans:

  • Free plan – Choose a free version of Time or Desk for one user.
  • Hubstaff Time – Time tracking and reporting. Starts at $7 per user per month for the Starter plan.
  • Hubstaff Desk – Proof of work and team management for remote teams. Starts at $7 per user per month for the Starter plan.
  • Hubstaff Field – Geolocation, jobs and work orders, and more. Starts at $12 per user per month.

All users get a 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Learn more about pricing here.

Check in with your crew from anywhere

Get a live map view, automate clock-ins and clock-outs, and assign jobs to your crew from the iPhone app.

Try Hubstaff now

2. Timewerks


Timewerks is a great iPhone app for freelancers, consultants, and contractors.

You can use the free mobile app to track your team’s time and expenses, but it will cost you for more than one invoice. You’ll also need to handle your billing in a different system and reconcile the data.

One of the greatest benefits of Timewerks is its versatility. You can manage billing and tracking all from the same app with an upgrade.

Timewerks features

  • Track time, customers, projects, billing, and expenses
  • Add capture notes and timesheets to every project task
  • Accept credit cards through Credit Card Terminal integration
  • Customize rates for different tasks and items
  • Multiple currency support
  • Compute taxes and discounts


Timewerks Lite is free but offers only one invoice. For more robust functionality, consider one of the following options:

  • Classic ($4.99)
  • Pro ($9.99)

3. TrackingTime


TrackingTime brands itself as “set and forget time tracking.” This is an iPhone time tracker app for freelancers, graphic designers, architects, and other remote workers looking to enter the flow state without worrying about time tracking.

The tool requires iOS 9.0 or later.

TrackingTime Features

  • Time management: create timesheets and custom reports
  • Online timesheet, attendance tracking, project management, and time reporting
  • Prioritize, update, and flag tasks and projects
  • Set due dates and billing information on tasks
  • Add comments and notes to tasks to keep teams on the same page
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies
  • Syncs with desktop and web app for cross-platform use


Like most free time tracking apps, the free plan works best for solo users. But, like other apps on this list, you can upgrade to unlock more features that keep your team connected.

TrackingTime offers a 14-day free trial and a free plan for up to three users and three projects. The Pro plan offers advanced reporting and unlimited collaboration.

  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan ($5/user/month)

4. Hours Keeper

Hours Keeper

Hours Keeper works with iOS 10.3 or later and is designed to track hours and calculate earnings.

This is an incredibly powerful iPhone time tracking app if you manage multiple clients. You can easily bill by the hour, keep track of overtime, and see earnings in real-time. You can also use earnings reports to simplify your bookkeeping.

Hours Keeper features:

  • Real-time earnings and time tracking for multiple clients
  • Weekly and monthly timesheets
  • Download invoices as PDFs
  • Visually appealing earnings reports
  • Configure overtime and breaks for time tracking
  • Export data as CSV
  • Sync data on all devices
  • Passcode protection


Hours Keeper has an ad-based free version limited to two clients and two invoices. To get rid of the ads in your time tracker, upgrade to a paid plan.

Users can upgrade to the Premium or Pro version for no ads and more functionality.

  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan ($1.99/month) or ($19.99/year)
  • Pro Plan ($29.99/year)
  • In-app Products ($4.99 per item)

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5. HoursTracker


HoursTracker tracks time by location or job and works on iOS 13.1 or later. If you work from multiple locations and need to track time on the go, this iPhone time tracking app is a good choice.

Like most time trackers on our list, you can choose between manual and automatic time tracking.

You can also set up your job locations and projects in HoursTracker. One of the coolest features is the ability to track trips. You can also record mileage, pay, and expenses to keep your records accurate.

After you track time, you can add comments to an entry. Use this feature to leave yourself notes and record important information.

For example, if you notice that a customer will need assistance again soon, include a note to reopen the support ticket at a later date.

HoursTracker features:

  • Set job locations and get clock-in reminders
  • Group entries by day, week, or month
  • Add comments with time entries
  • Track pay, mileage, and trips right from the app
  • CSV and formatted text export via email or iOS Share Sheet
  • Compatible with Apple Watch


The HoursTracker free version gives you up to 3 jobs and 21 days of entries. For more jobs and entries, upgrade to the Personal or Pro Edition.

  • Free Plan
  • Personal Plan Upgrade ($5.99)
  • Pro Plan Upgrade ($9.99)

6. TimeTag


TimeTag records and organizes time tracking data to help you understand how your team uses their work hours.

With a heavy emphasis on reporting, TimeTag helps you gain insight into the way your team works.

Reports from TimeTag are easy to export, so you can archive them for future analysis.

TimeTag features:

  • One tap stop and start timer
  • Track time down to the second
  • CSV data exports to other apps
  • Track time by projects, tasks, and activities
  • Generate Excel and Numbers spreadsheets
  • Visual insights with charts, graphs, and statistics


TimeTag iPhone tracker is free for a single user. To use TimeTag for your team, you can calculate the price per user with a sliding scale on their website.

  • Free plan
  • TimeTag Pro: $4.99/month

7. Worktime Tracker

Worktime Tracker

Worktime Tracker is a work log app for iPhone that works with iOS 12 or later. It serves as a time tracking assistant for individuals or teams that work on an hourly basis.

While this app isn’t as robust as some of the other time trackers on this list, it’s a useful tool for people who want to build better time discipline.

Worktime Tracker is an excellent tool if you work on an hourly basis and want to keep track of how much you’ve earned.

Worktime Tracker features:

  • Track multiple projects and tasks at the same time
  • Customized wage reports
  • Add work logs automatically or manually
  • Set overtime pay rates
  • Export work logs in PDF/CSV/HTML
  • Supports Touch ID as a passcode
  • Search function for tasks and projects
  • Synchronization & backup to cloud storage


Worktime Tracker is free, but there are optional in-app purchases to export data or remove ads.

  • Basic Plan
  • Plus Plan ($1.00/month)
  • Pro Plan ($2.50/month)

8. Toggl Track

Toggl Track

Toggl Track is an iPhone time tracking app for remote teams and freelancers. The app requires iOS 11 or later, but some of the integrations require iOS 12.

Time entries sync between devices, so you can use Toggl Track on your iPhone or desktop.

With Siri, Toggl Track’s voice controls let you start and stop the timer with convenient voice commands.

Toggl Track features:

  • Intuitive timer
  • Syncs with the desktop app, Chrome browser extension, and your phone
  • Personalized time tracking and entry suggestions
  • Shortcuts to quickly add projects and tags to entries
  • Calendar integration for event-based time entries
  • Voice control features via Siri
  • Assign billable rates by workspace, project, or team member


Toggl Track offers a Free Plan with basic features for up to five users. Starter and Premium Plans are available for bigger teams that want more features.

There is a customizable Enterprise Plan for large teams with complex operations. All standard plans offer a free trial.

  • Free Plan
  • Starter Plan ($9 per user/month)
  • Premium Plan ($18 per user/month)
  • Enterprise Plan (custom pricing)

9. Harvest


Harvest is a time tracking tool for iOS 13.0 or later that makes billing and invoice management easier. Harvest is a nice iPhone app for individuals, but it really shines for teams and small businesses. Professionals in a variety of disciplines like web development, design, and content creation can benefit from its versatility.

Harvest features:

  • Track time online or offline
  • Turn logged time and expenses into invoices
  • Receive payments with a Stripe or PayPal integration
  • Configure reminders to submit timesheets
  • Push notification for clients to complete payments
  • Track expenses with receipt photos.
  • Visual reports and analytics


Harvest has a free plan limited to one user and two projects. The Pro Plan offers unlimited users and projects for $12 per user/month.

  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan ($12 per user/month)

10. ATracker


ATracker prides itself on its ease of use and setup. The minimalist interface runs on iOS 10.0 or later and makes it a good option for both professional and personal use.

iPhone users will benefit from visual reports that help them see how they’re using their time. With ATracker, you won’t need to look at spreadsheets or switch to the desktop version to see these insights.

If you do want to archive information or explore your time tracking data further, you can export CSV or PDF files.

ATracker features

  • Single touch to stop and start the task timer
  • Visual reports for time usage
  • Organize tasks with tags and generate reports
  • Data export as CSV and PDF files
  • Set alarms for activities.
  • Sync and access from multiple devices


ATracker offers a free version with basic functions. Upgrade to Pro or Premium via in-app purchases.

  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan for iPhone ($4.99 one-time payment)
  • Premium Plan ($2.99/month)

iPhone time tracking for teams on the move

Get the free, 14-day trial of Hubstaff for time tracking, geofences, and more.

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Next steps

Comparing time tracking apps isn’t always straightforward. Each app offers a different set of features, so it can be tough to decide what paid features you actually need.

By now, you are familiar with 10 of the best time tracking apps out there. But which one should you pick?

That part is up to you. Here’s what you should do next:

  1. Make a list of the time tracking features you can’t live without. It helps to consider why you want a time tracker in the first place. A basic tracker is more than enough if you just want to see how long you spend on tasks. If you want to manage distributed teams with GPS, you’ll need a little more help.
  2. Decide if a paid plan is worthwhile. Are you willing to pay a one-time fee for some useful features? Does a monthly subscription make sense for your business?
  3. Pick an app to try. Don’t pay for an app until you’re sure it’s worth the cost! Start with the free version. Then, if you need more robust features, request a free trial.

Here’s one last tip: bookmark this post before you download an app. If the app you try isn’t the perfect fit, check back for more options.

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