Dave Nevogt

Dave Nevogt

Co-Founder and CMO of Hubstaff

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Born in Indiana, United States, Dave Nevogt is an American entrepreneur and the co-founder of Hubstaff, a workforce management software company. After getting tired of spending eight hours in a cubicle every day, he started a remote e-commerce business at the age of 23 and grew it to $1.7 million in annual revenue.

Having experienced the challenges of remote work first-hand, Dave co-founded Hubstaff with Jared Brown in order to streamline time tracking, payroll, invoicing and more for remote workforces. Dave’s colleagues at Hubstaff include Jared Brown and Courtney Cavey.

As an entrepreneur, he understands the importance of time management for both getting work done and having enough time to spend with his family. He uses Hubstaff to track the time he spends on various tasks and projects so that he can find ways to get things done faster and streamline his workflow.

Dave writes about his own experiences running a SaaS startup and shares the lessons he’s learned during his 14-year online entrepreneurship journey on Hubstaff Blog.

In 2002, Dave Nevogt earned a finance undergraduate degree from the Kelley School of Business. He won the Indianapolis Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 award, as well as the Arizona Republic's 35 under 35 award. He’s been invited as a guest to podcasts such as The Remote Working Show, Millionaire Interviews, and the Startup Success Podcast.

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