Jared Brown

Jared Brown

Co-Founder and CEO of Hubstaff

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Born in New Jersey, United States, Jared Brown is the co-founder and CEO of Hubstaff, a workforce management software company. He is a self-taught coder who started creating software in high school.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Purdue University, he went on to build a successful consulting business. In 2013, Dave Nevogt reached out to Jared on LinkedIn, pitching an idea for a time tracking software that would later become Hubstaff. Like Dave, Jared Brown now lives in Indiana, United States.

Since then, the two have been working together to build Hubstaff into the workforce management software that’s now used by more than 40,000 companies. Jared’s colleagues at Hubstaff include Dave Nevogt and Courtney Cavey.

Almost always juggling multiple projects at the same time throughout his career, Jared is used to being careful about how he spends his time. Tracking time with Hubstaff helps him understand how to use his time most effectively and allows him to stay productive.

Jared has appeared on the Today Show, as well as podcasts such as Done! and Entrepreneurs on Fire. He shares tips on hiring employees for remote work and managing a workforce of software developers on Hubstaff Blog.

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