Hubstaff is on a mission to help remote and hybrid team members have their most productive workday.

We believe that the majority of companies will rely on workforce analytics and employee experience platforms for day-to-day operations within the next five to ten years. The rapid growth of remote and hybrid work environments presents a unique set of managerial challenges that require innovative solutions such as Hubstaff.

To help us become a category leader in this exciting new software market, we have received a growth investment from WestView Capital Partners. WestView is a Boston-based private equity firm focused exclusively on middle-market growth companies. Their investment will allow us to accelerate our growth through this next chapter of the business.

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The Hubstaff journey and vision

Hubstaff began in 2012, looking to create a better way to understand how work was being performed and to track time as more companies began to rely on remote teams and tools. Companies that were at the forefront of this trend needed a dependable time tracker that could also help validate task and workforce management.

Hubstaff has more than a decade of experience serving companies with remote teams. During this time, we have built a full suite of tools that support fostering a positive employee experience.

With us, companies can better understand how to assist their employees and optimize productivity by combining time tracking with analytics and benchmarks. We make it easy to run automated payroll and integrate with CRMs and project management tools.

Through our recently released workforce analytics dashboard, called Insights, and Tasks, Hubstaff helps best-in-class companies look for bottlenecks and safeguard against overutilization of employees.

The Hubstaff platform enables:

Our award-winning suite serves teams and companies of all sizes.

Partnering with WestView for continued growth

Over the past few years, it became apparent that new challenges and opportunities for the business were going to present themselves.

“To continue our expansion and bring Hubstaff to larger companies across the world, we are seeking out partners that believe in the mission of Hubstaff as much as we do,” said Hubstaff CEO Jared Brown. “After 11 years of running our company as a bootstrapped business, we have brought in our first investor. I’m excited to announce that WestView Capital Partners has made a strategic growth investment in Hubstaff.”

WestView aligns well with our collaborative approach to growth and development. We believe they are ideal partners for helping us achieve what’s next and welcome the opportunity to learn from their expertise in larger markets.

WestView Managing Partner Matt Carroll and Principal Kevin Twomey will be joining the Hubstaff Board of Directors as part of the partnership.

“Our investment in Hubstaff reflects WestView’s commitment to partnering with software and technology companies led by talented and passionate entrepreneurs. Jared and Dave have built an impressive business and culture, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with them,” said Matt Carroll, Managing Partner at WestView.

“There is a significant and growing need within enterprises to understand how their distributed workforces are performing, and Hubstaff is at the forefront of providing these insights to both employers and employees. Importantly, Jared and his team have focused on building a product that enables employers to enhance employee experience,” added Kevin Twomey, Principal at WestView.

Where we’re headed next

This is an exciting time for Hubstaff, full of potential for where we can coach companies to be more trusting of remote workers and celebrate all the things they can accomplish when managers focus on empowerment.

“The Hubstaff team is strong, and our future is bright. It is their hard work and dedication that brought us here. What we’ve built over the past decade with all of their help is nothing short of amazing. Not many companies can say they got to where we are, let alone have done it without raising capital or taking on debt,” said Jared Brown.

He continued, “I take immense pride in the fact that we provide a livelihood for 100 team members and growing. We are proof of how remote work can succeed.

I honestly feel like we are just getting started. In the next decade, workforce analytics software like ours will become a part of the technology stack for the majority of businesses around the world. What gets me excited is that we have a chance to be the category leader in the space.

This did not happen by accident. So, thank you to all of our team members, partners, and customers who have helped make Hubstaff a success along the way.”

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