Hubstaff’s paid plans are full of productivity-enhancing features like GPS time tracking, app and URL usage, project budgeting, invoicing, and more.

If you’re looking for an app that can help you take productivity and time management to new heights, Hubstaff is for you. But what if you can’t justify the cost?

There’s no need to worry. You can get the full Hubstaff feature set for free with coupon codes!

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Hubstaff coupon codes

Getting Hubstaff for free is easy with our referral program. You’ll receive Hubstaff coupon codes as custom links that you can share with friends and colleagues.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create your Hubstaff account and start your free trial.
  2. Sign up for our free referral program.
  3. Send a personalized link to share the coupon code with your friends and colleagues.
  4. When they use your referral link to sign up for a paid plan, you’ll get 10% off on your monthly bill for 12 months — and they will too!
  5. Introduce ten friends to a Hubstaff paid plan to get 100% off each monthly bill. You can even refer more than ten people and roll your savings over to the following year.
Keep in mind that the person you referred must sign up for a paid plan using YOUR unique link for you to receive a discount.

Signing up for the Hubstaff referral program

It’s never a bad idea to search for promo codes or coupons when buying a product or starting a subscription. Unfortunately, you’ll usually come across some sites with expired or false online discounts.

Important reminder: Hubstaff promo codes that exist outside of won’t get you a discount.

Our discount program is simple: The only way to get a Hubstaff discount on a paid plan is to sign up for our referral program (or receive a referral from someone else). The good news? It’s easy to sign up and share 10% off referrals.

Getting started

First, you need to decide which Hubstaff plan you’ll use and how many of your teammates you want to include.

Here’s how to select a plan

Once you have a plan in place, log in to the Hubstaff dashboard and click “Get Hubstaff free” in your dropdown menu:

Hubstaff menu dropdown

Clicking on it will take you to this screen:

Hubstaff referral link

You can use email, Facebook, or Twitter to share your link. Or, copy the link and share via your preferred social network. Once you’ve successfully referred someone to Hubstaff, you’ll see the discount promotion added.

Each friend, colleague, or company you refer will receive a 10% discount. Even if you reach ten referrals (100% off), you can still refer more people. Hubstaff will just apply your remaining discounts after your current plan expires.

Bonus! Your friends will also receive 10% off for subscribing via your referral link. It’s a win-win.

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How to find referral discounts in your dashboard

You can access referral program information in three places:

  1. Your account dropdown in the upper right corner
  2. The Member settings pageHubstaff Member settings
  3. The Billing pageHubstaff Billing settings

From the Billing page, you can see discounts that have been applied, canceled, or revoked:

Hubstaff discount statuses

Hubstaff Referral Program FAQ

How do referrals work?
Referrals allow you to send coupon codes via email, Facebook, Twitter, or another social channel. You and all recipients will receive 10% off your monthly bill for one year.

When does the discount start?
When you refer someone, their discount will apply on their second month to avoid billing errors. When the second payment occurs, both parties will receive 20% off for that month.

Is there a maximum discount I can earn through referrals?
Absolutely not! If you exceed 100% (10 referrals), the rest of the customers you referred will wait on the sideline. These discounts will begin once the existing discounts end.

How long does each discount last?
You will keep your discount for as long as your friend keeps their paid account, or for a maximum of 12 months.

Can I keep getting discounts after 12 months?
Yes, as long as you continue referring more people. Each referral gives you a discount for up to 12 months.

If I already have 100% off, can I keep referring?
Of course! You can make as many referrals as you want, but you’ll have to wait for at least one of your ten discounts to expire to see a new one reflected on your monthly balance.

Where does the referral link go?
Referral links will take someone to the Hubstaff signup page so they can get started right away.

What happens if my friend signs up for a different subscription level?
Discounts work across all subscription levels, as long as they’re paid.

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With Hubstaff’s powerful feature set, you can be more efficient with time, streamline day-to-day work, and focus on managing your business better.

Did you find our guide helpful? Were you successful in navigating the referral process? Let us know in the comments below.

This post was originally published August 28, 2018, and updated February 2022.

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