Employee time tracking software for remote, hybrid, and in-office employees

Hubstaff’s time tracking app is unique because we built it to solve our own challenges of tracking work hours. Save hours each week using our user-friendly time tracking, automated payroll, and invoicing solution.

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Benefits of a smarter time tracking tool

Time tracking apps offer numerous advantages that can significantly impact productivity and efficiency. This data provides a clear understanding of time allocation, helps identify time-wasting activities, improves project management, and enables accurate billing and invoicing. With real-time data and comprehensive insights, individuals and teams can make informed decisions, streamline workflows, and optimize performance.

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Track employee hours without busy work

Busy work makes time tracking difficult — often leading to user error, inaccuracies, or missed payroll. Our employee timesheet software means you can spend time on creative tasks, not manual work.

Automated productivity tracking = accurate timesheets

When an employee tracks time, that time is added directly to an invoice. This reduces the time to run payroll or double-check hours worked. So, every minute an employee works is a minute they’ll be paid for, on time and accurately.

Intuitive mobile, desktop, and web-based time tracking apps

Track time anytime, anywhere. Whether you use Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Apple, or Android devices, you can always clock in and out quickly.

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How to use an automated time tracking tool

  1. Download the time tracking app

    Employees can download Hubstaff for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS to track their work hours. Or, use the Google Chrome extension.

  2. Track time to projects and tasks

    Time tracking apps allow employees to track time with one button. Choose specific tasks, projects, work orders, clients, or locations.

  3. Use time tracking software to generate time reports

    Managers can create time reports that will allow them to learn more about how employees spend their working time. You can then use this information to generate better estimates, streamline your workflow, and complete projects on time.

Employee hours tracker

Track every minute spent on tasks and learn how long it takes to complete projects — track time with one click using the simple employee stopwatch.

Automated timesheets

Generate timesheets automatically based on time entries. See a detailed breakdown of employees’ hours by date, client, and project. Review, approve, or reject timesheets from a single location.

Time off, holidays, and breaks

Review and approve employee time off requests from an easy-to-use dashboard. Set up paid or unpaid time off policies, break policies, and shift schedules for better time tracking and planning.

Payroll integration features

Use integrations with PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, and Bitwage to automate payroll based on billable hours. Set automatic weekly or monthly payments for international and local employees, or send payments manually.

Track budgets and projects

Track project costs and set project budgets based on hours, bill rates, or pay rates. Get notifications when you’re close to going over budget.

GPS tracking

Help mobile and field service teams track time easily with GPS and geofenced time clocks. Based on location, your team can automatically clock in when in the radius of work or Job sites.

Who uses Hubstaff employee time tracking software?

Remote, field, and in-office teams use Hubstaff as an easy way to track work progress and hours. Over 95,000 businesses trust Hubstaff to record employee hours and shift schedules. These organizations include:

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