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Easily manage employee schedules, hours, attendance, and PTO
Set recurring shifts to simplify shift scheduling for your team
Set automated alerts and reports for late, missed, and abandoned shifts

How Hubstaff’s employee scheduling
software works

Have your team install the Hubstaff app

Get your remote, hybrid, office, and field team members to download the Hubstaff app on their preferred devices. We run on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.  They can also try hourly tracking via a Chrome extension.

Quickly create daily, weekly, monthly schedules

Managers can then schedule shifts and assign employees as far in advance as needed. Avoid conflicts with our calendar view. You’ll have access to full-time and part-time staff availability, PTO requests, and more.

Make real-time adjustments

You’re never locked into schedules. Hubstaff supports on-the-fly changes to shifts if someone is absent, sick, or if you need to mitigate labor costs. Plus, you’ll get alerts if shifts aren’t happening as planned.

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User-friendly employee scheduling for any in-person, hybrid, or global workforce

Employee scheduling app

Schedule hourly and salaried employees from anywhere

Full-time employees? Part-time shift work? Contractors? Hubstaff helps you get the right people assigned to the right shifts so that every operation is staffed properly. No matter who you assign, it’s easy for them to clock in remotely, in your store, or on the job site.

Easily set up and adjust schedules for happier teams

With recurring shifts, you can give people the hours they need and ensure you have the coverage you want in just a few clicks. Then, manage payroll and labor costs, set hourly limits, and maximize the customer experience.

Quickly plan your month to focus on your business

Hubstaff’s employee scheduling software makes it easy to plan your month, duplicate schedules, and generate reports. Integrations like Zapier and Google Calendar also give managers shift information on their smartphones so they’re always in the know.

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One dashboard to automate scheduling, attendance, and more

Reach peak profitability with labor-cost tracking and workload management

Track work breaks

Prevent overtime and cost overruns

Set employee hours limits to control labor costs and avoid unexpected expenses. You’ll be notified as you approach budget limits.  Then, create invoices with automatic line items and manage payroll right from the app.


See detailed reports for attendance, scheduling, performance, and more

See what’s most important to run your business. Hubstaff reports can show budget reports and late shifts, filter by teams and activity, and leverage data to inform future schedules. Put employee scheduling software to work for you


Create break policies and track time to them

Use workforce analytics to build a positive employee experience. Set break policies that protect your bottom line and your employees’ mental health.  Our data tools ensure accurate records to help you see what employees use and what policies help them have a great day at work.

Make shift scheduling so much easier

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Accurate time tracking

Employees can track hours easily from our desktop, iOS, and Android apps or our Chrome extension. Managers can then quickly review and approve timesheets.

Geofence job sites

Set up geofenced Job sites that automatically track employee time upon arrival or departure. Reduce the headache of forgetting to clock in and let your people get right to work.

Streamline work orders and shifts

Create work orders with crucial client information all in one place. Then, build work schedules within work orders to ensure your team can get the job done without disruption.

Precise payroll every time

Hubstaff ensures payroll uses hours worked and correct rates for each person. Pay with us, through an integration with your favorite payroll app, or export the data as needed..

Positive employee experiences

Happy employees lead to happy, profitable clients. Intuitive shift scheduling and fast, accurate payments reduce burnout by helping teams focus on work that matters.

Simple schedule visibility

Employees can see their shifts in Hubstaff and can check if things change from their mobile devices. Help make every shift a success.

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