Automate clocking in and out with Hubstaff’s geofenced time tracking

Avoid guesswork and expensive errors when managing your crew. Geofenced tracking offers an overview of your team’s work at each location and gives you all the information to make billing clients faster and more accurate.
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Auto-start and stop the timer based on GPS location
See routes taken and time spent at each job site
Send more accurate payments with detailed time cards
geofence time and attendance

How geofenced time and attendance works in real-time

  1. Download the geofencing time clock app

    Your crew installs the geofence time clock app on their Android or iOS devices and grants permission.

  2. Team members get an automatic clock in and out

    Using geofences, the app for mobile devices can automatically start the timer when crews arrive at a job site. Or, it can send a reminder for them to clock in as they arrive.

  3. Employee time and attendance is tracked automatically

    You’ll get detailed, location-based records of work hours and can see when scheduled shifts start on time.

A smarter and customizable way to track time for your crew

Avoid expensive errors

prevent buddy punching

More reliable timesheets

Time tracking with geofencing prevents buddy punching and guessing at work hours. You can even limit time tracking to set job sites for greater accuracy.

Better estimates and easier invoicing

Why waste precious hours billing clients? Create invoices quickly based on hours worked and set bill rates for your team members.

Payroll processing for hours worked

With time tracking limited to geofenced locations, you can rest assured that payments are spot-on. Pay them faster by adding hourly rates in Hubstaff.

Geofence time tracking
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Features of location-based time tracking

Automated timesheets

Get detailed timesheets waiting in your inbox or dashboard.

Employee scheduling

Schedule one-time or recurring shifts for your team members.

GPS tracking

See location data along with hours tracked.

Detailed reports

Dig into reports including job attendance, payments, time off, and budgets.

Over 30 integrations

Integrate Hubstaff with your existing software.

24/7 support

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