Hubstaff time tracker appHubstaff time tracker app

Wrike time tracking

  • Exact time tracking for Wrike tasks
  • View assigned tasks and complete them from the app
  • Timesheets, screenshots, activity levels, and reports
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Time tracking
Activity levels
App & URL tracking
Automatic payroll
Online timesheets
GPS & Location
Weekly limits
Powerful API
Advanced reporting

Desktop time tracking for Wrike

Manage tasks in one easy place
The Hubstaff desktop app allows your team to view their assigned Wrike tasks and track time to them. They can also complete the task from the app when they finish work on it. Time tracked with Hubstaff is posted to Wrike, so you'll always know how long your team spend time on their tasks.
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wrike time tracker app
Quick setup
  • Authorize Hubstaff
  • Connect your projects
  • Link your users
Task time tracking
  • View assigned tasks in the app
  • Track exact time on each task
  • Complete tasks from the app
Timesheets and reports
  • Activity levels during work
  • Automatic timesheets
  • Customizable reports
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wrike time tracking with screenshots

Screenshots of Wrike tasks

Get a complete picture of what your team is doing when they are working on their Wrike tasks with Hubstaff's random, automatic screenshots. The app can take up to three screenshots every ten minutes and you'll see activity levels based on keyboard strokes and mouse movements. Hubstaff is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Automatic syncing with Wrike

Your team and their tasks remain synced
When you connect your Wrike account with your Hubstaff account, you will be asked to grant permission. After authorizing the integration, your Wrike tasks will automatically sync so your team will always know what they need to work on.
Hubstaff and wrike oAuth
wrike work notes

Project and task work notes

Explain work being done
With Hubstaff your team can enter notes into the application explaining what they are working on. Notes can also be added via your Hubstaff account online. You can view work notes in the customizable reports that you use for internal use or send to clients.

Advanced Wrike task time tracking

wrike time tracking
View all tasks
View assigned Wrike tasks in the Hubstaff app and track time spent working on them.
wrike time entries
Wrike time entries
Time logged on Wrike tasks through Hubstaff is posted as a native time entry on Wrike.
setting for manual time entries
Time tracking settings
Toggle activity levels, screenshot frequency, manual time settings, and more.

Wrike task reporting

A complete view of your team's data
When your team tracks their time to Wrike tasks using Hubstaff, the data is automatically stored online for your records. Customize and filter the reports to include just the information you or your clients need, then download or email the reports. Record keeping and invoicing has never been easier.
time reporting for wrike
wrike hubstaff integration

Hubstaff + Wrike

Local and remote teams everywhere use Wrike for effective task management. With Hubstaff's advanced time tracking and reporting, you'll have a complete solution that your team will quickly get accustomed to and will greatly boost productivity.
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