Time Tracking for Pivotal Tracker

  • Track time on Pivotal Tracker stories
  • Run payroll for contractor time worked
  • Always have accurate invoices for clients
Import your Pivotal Tracker team

Track Time on Pivotal Tracker Stories Automatically

Desktop time tracking for Pivotal Tracker

The Hubstaff time tracker for Pivotal Tracker works with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It was built to work with Pivotal Tracker stories.

Import your Pivotal Tracker team
Pivotal Tracker desktop timer
Time Tracking
  • Track time on stories
  • Automatic screenshots
  • Monitor activity levels
Sync Users
  • Sync all users
  • Automatically assign users
  • Assigned stories auto sync
Sync Projects
  • Sync unlimited projects
  • Track time worked on projects
  • All stories in projects sync up
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Pivotal Tracker time tracking with screenshots

Pivotal Tracker Time Tracking with Screenshots and Activity Levels

Hubstaff offers efficient Pivotal Tracker time tracking apps for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Our streamlined time tracking apps measure activity levels and take screenshots so you can effectively manage remote workers.

Pivotal Tracker time tracking

Hubstaff with Pivotal Tracker will make your team even more efficient
Sync Stories with Users
The Hubstaff app seamlessly syncs with Pivotal Tracker through its API.
Track Pivotal Tracker Time
After assigning a story to a user, they can track time worked on it with Hubstaff.
Non Intrusive
The Hubstaff app will track time to Pivotal Tracker silently in the background.

Hubstaff Makes Pivotal Tracker Time Tracking Simple
Time Tracking, Invoicing, and Payroll

to-do time tracking
Story Syncing
Automatically sync Pivotal Tracker stories and Hubstaff to track time on them.
Pivotal Tracker project mapping
Link Users and Projects
When stories are synced, that worker will see them in their timer.
setting for manual time entries
Add or Remove Time
Enable or disable workers from adding time manually. You can also delete time.

Complete Reporting

Track work in real time

Track work in real time, invoice clients, export reports, and a lot more. Have your Pivotal Tracker data available and reported on in one place to easily track when and what your team works on.

time reporting for Pivotal
Integrate Pivotal Tracker with Hubstaff NowGet started (free for 14 days)