A task tracker app for managing time spent on projects

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task tracker app
Track time spent on tasks, breaks, and monitor attendance
Understand who's working on what and improve team efficiency
Pay your team automatically
how does a task tracker work

How Hubstaff's task tracker app works

  1. Your team downloads the app

    Team members can download Hubstaff’s task tracking app on their Android or iPhone mobile device. Or they can install the Chrome extension and use the web app available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  2. Add tasks and projects

    Create tasks for each client or project in Hubstaff. Then assign them to your team members so they can track time as they go. Keep tabs on where everyone’s time is going.

  3. Track time and manage tasks better

    Dig deeper into how time is being spent with extensive reports, available even with the free version of this task tracker app. This information helps you improve your team’s workflow, see where tasks are held up, and boost productivity.

Stay on top of daily tasks and projects

A task tracker app to help you stay on top of spending

track daily tasks

Set project budgets

Use the task tracker app to avoid unexpected costs by setting project budgets and getting alerts when you’re nearing the limit. You can see which clients are the most profitable and take your project management to the next level.


Stop time theft

Monitor your team members’ shifts automatically as they arrive at a Job site with the geofencing feature built into the task tracker. Plus, you can set location-based or scheduled reminders for them, so they never forget to clock in.


Track daily tasks

Hubstaff’s task tracker app allows you to set up and track daily tasks for each of your clients or projects. Simply create and assign tasks, then have your team use any of Hubstaff's apps to track time toward them.

More than a task tracker app

Proof of work

See exactly what existing tasks your team is working on with screenshots, activity level records, and more.

GPS tracking

Know what jobs team members are tackling in the field. See their exact location and keep an eye on job progress in the task tracker app.

Productivity measurement

Track daily productivity by getting accurate reports about task completion rates, activity levels, and more.

Create to-dos and track them

Add tasks just like you would in any to-do list apps, but now you can track time to them and dig into how they get accomplished.

Online invoicing

Invoice all tracked work hours automatically so that you can reduce admin time once and for all.

Employee scheduling

Schedule employees within seconds and get a panoramic view of all shifts. Plus, you can even sync their upcoming shifts with the Google calendar integration.

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